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A new Stardew Valley mod adds features themed around ConcernedApe s freshly introduced game Haunted Chocolatier.

We have no idea when Haunted Chocolatier will appear – also though some fans assume they might ve spotted a release day tease in a tweet from ConcernedApe – so modder Edu Anttunes took it upon themself to provide anxious fans a something to hold them over. The Haunted Chocolatier mod (via NexusMods) doesn t intend to bring the whole game to Stardew Valley, however it does add some ghostly wonderful taste to ensure that you can obtain a little preference of the upcoming title. And also, it s Halloween! Precisely the moment of year you should be eating chocolate and also associating ghosts.

Everything You Missed For ConcernedApe's New Game Haunted Chocolatier
The Stardew Valley Haunted Chocolatier mod includes cacao trees as a new crop, along with four brand-new dishes: cooking chocolate, delicious chocolate bar, white chocolate bar, as well as basic truffle. The mod likewise includes charming little ghosts, which use the modern bench as a template. Ultimately, the mod allows you decorate your area with the Delicious chocolate Cauldron (replacing the modern table), a shop indicator (replacing the Joja Soda indicator), and personalized wallpaper and also floor.

In instance you missed out on recently s information, Haunted Chocolatier is the new video game from Stardew Valley programmer Eric Barone, Also Known As ConcernedApe. As you could guess from the title, it puts you in charge of a haunted delicious chocolate shop. By all accounts, it looks like Stardew Valley 2 in all but name, although Barone says it s more of an activity RPG.

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