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The Steam achievements from NewW World reveal a whole lot about the behavior of the players in the new MMORPG. So just 8% of the players are on stage 60, but is that really little or much more? We from Meinmmo explain the situation.

What are steam achievements? is a game on Steam, then it has achievements in most cases. These are often similar to those on consoles and give you a success if you have done something specific.

Also New World has some of these achievements, over 130 even. These reward you in MMORPGs for playing the game itself, collecting certain items or just for achieving a certain level.

Thanks to the function Global Achievements by Steam you can see each of the achievements, how many% of the players have already completed this achievement. This turns some exciting keys to New World.

Are exact numbers come about? Unfortunately not. You can see as a percentage how many players have achieved an achievement and how many people are currently online. But we can not say how many players actually have the game.

Since Amazon has not yet released sales, the exact number is unable to understand. Depending on where to look up, New World has between 1.8 and 20 million players. It is certain that it is at least 900,000, so many have played at the same time at the release weekend.

New World players are especially committed

What are the numbers look like compared to other MMOS? About 8% of the New World players have reached the maximum level of 60. But how does this be done compared to similar games?

Compared to the Survival MMO Fallout 76, the numbers are approximately the same. 8.3% of the fans reached the level 100 there. This is about the same as many users, the bare number is far higher at New World, as it has much more players.

The MMORPG SWTOR came to Steam last year, yet only 2.3% of players reach the achievement to complete the last story chapter, which is significantly less than in New World.

Both games have been released longer than New World and have fewer players on Steam. Nevertheless, after a month, 8% of the user level 60 have reached. This suggests that New World fans are particularly committed.

Why is that? Other Steam achievements confirm this theory. After all, 29.5% of the players have achieved the achievement for 80 hours of playing New World. 12.6% are already 160 hours and 2.5% even at 320 hours. In just one month.

0.1% of players have even unlocked the achievement I sleep next week, which is getting in the game for 720 hours. 0.1% may sound like little, but even if we go out from the lowest value of games, 913,000, the nearly 1,000 players are.

That could be because New World had a huge hype and many wanted to use the chance of a new, large MMORPGS to be straight in front. The first players had reached level 60 after three days.

The rest of the player shank slowly picks up slowly. The thirst for a new, large MMORPG was definitely there and New World could breastfeed him for many. Also, many players say that they know that New World is not optimal, but there is nothing else, which is currently gambling.

Although New World currently loses players, which incidentally is the most normalest of the world, the game is far away from dying, as many are already prophesial in the comment columns. On the contrary, the game is even very good after a month.

5% of people are traveling without a faction

Who needs fractions? Whole 5% of the fans are traveling without a faction in the game. One faction can be choosed from Level 10 and that has reached 86.9% of all buyers.

Meanwhile, 35.2% of the players have joined the syndicate, making it the most successful faction when looking at it globally. After all, 30.9% joined the pharmases and 15.8% decided to be the alliance.

This means that a total of 86.9% of users, 81.9% have decided for a faction. One reason for this could be the Webermoor-Challange circulating on Reddit.

At this challange you travel directly after the tutorial to Webermoor and does not leave it anymore. One Levelt there until level 60 and must not quests outside Weber Moor accept. This means you are allowed you connect any political group. How many people currently trying is unknown.

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Which achievements are still exciting? To see interesting is also what professions and life skills arrive well with the fans of the game. At the very front is the Jägermeister resources, which you get when you get trace reading on stage 200. That has already made 21.4% of the players.

The other end of the collecting skills is without great surprise fishing, which rises very slowly. Only 0.2% of the fans have fishing on stage 200.

With the life skills, it looks even worse: Weaponsmith, jewelry, woodworking and engineering have only 0% of the players on stage 200. We can not say exactly what steam rounds up to 0, but there are very few players.

With the weapons, the Beil seems to be most popular, because 4.9% of the players have already brought the weapon to a maximum level 20. Tight followed by the strike ax at 4.7% and the life rod with 3.6%.

At the most unpopular, the iconic musket seems to be, because only 0.5% of the players have released them on stage 20, even with the bow it hardly looks better. It forms second place from below at 1.4%.

What do you think of the achievements in New World? Have you unlocked special successes that are still very rare? Did you be afraid of some of the numbers and had others expected? Write us in the comments, here at Meinmmo.

Our readers have also tailored to the most popular weapon and here it looks different.

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