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For a month isNew World now on the market and the first players have reached the endgame. But while the community is hungry for information on the future of the MMOS, Amazon is currently covering. An error, finds Meinmmo author Alexander Leitsch. He hopes that Amazon will release a roadmap promptly.

Why is a roadmap right now? The release of New World was a great success. The MMO manually managed over 900,000 simultaneous players on Steam, but the numbers drop slowly.

I Hope We Get That Roadmap In November ► New World MMO Game Direction & Potential Issues (2021)

The player s loss is a bit totally natural for a title that has generated a great hype in advance. Some players have found that New World does not fit them, and those who have lit the game in recent weeks have now arrived in the endgame.

NEW WORLD also binds no player about a subscription, as it does about WoW or Final Fantasy XIV. The players can now easily stop and play in a few days, weeks or even months. This leads to fluctuations in the player numbers.

But right here the announcement of a roadmap. Because new content has a positive effect on the mindset and offers some security for the players.

Missing communication, on the other hand, leads to uncertainty in the community. Too often the work on a MMORPG were stopped quietly and secretly and only weeks or months later this penetrated out. And exactly this uncertainty also experience players in New World.

Who speaks here? Alexander Leitsch is the MMORPG expert on Meinmmo. In New World he spent over 150 hours since the release and has dealt intensively with the contents.

Missing communication prepares worried, a roadmap motivated

How does Amazon just communicate? Not as good as many had hoped. There is a lack of outlook for the future, but there are also answers to urgent current questions.

So still not clarified why players are simply blocked automatically, just because enough other players they report. A tactic that even won wars on some servers.
Also to critical bugs, which from the point of view of the players need to be dissolved urgently, there are too few info.

The lack of communication in turn uncertainly unsettle some players. An example of this was the absence of the patch on October 27th. Many players were already looking forward to important bug fixes and smaller adjustments. But the patch notes did not come.

Only on demand has Community Manager Luxendra to come to the topic and only given a very open answer. So the team is already working hard to solve critical problems. But a statement, whether a patch comes this week or not, could not give Luxendra.

That led to some questions in the forum. Why is there no clear statement? Why does Amazon work exactly? Does the future of New World look gloomy from New World?

That s why a roadmap is so important: A roadmap, however, sends more positive signals to the outside:

The developers show what they have come up with for the future and that they do not give up the game in the current state
Hardcore players know how and when it goes on and can prepare accordingly
Casual players see what they are still expecting when they are with the existing content
Players who are not satisfied with the previous content, may discover new content that could interest you and therefore return

These positive signals urgently needs New World, because in the last few weeks there were some legitimate criticisms. It was about mistakes in the game, which it should be partly since the beta, as well as missing content in the endgame.

An outlook on new weapons, new areas, dungeons and challenges is likely to lift the mood in the community.

More about New World on Meinmom:

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Therefore, new content does not have to come timely: The roadmap is important and should be released at an early stage. It is not important that there is concrete data for new content – a rough period is sufficient.

It s enough to know that in 2021 still the new content X and Y come. I would also be happy when Amazon would say that the first really thick content patch comes first 2022, but rightly crugs.

In fact, I do not need a new content to motivate me. Alone knowing that it comes something, spurs me uneminol.

Now I realize now in Guild Wars 2, where I already need to be able to make me the Legendary s in the upcoming enlargement end of Dragons. The extension will be published only in February 2022. But alone the knowledge of the new content has already made me a lot of GW2.

New weapons and territories have already been found by DATININGING

How could a roadmap look like? In fact, some things are already known who will probably find their way to New World earlier or later. Because in the beta there were hardworking datiners and also players who have landed through glitches randomly in new areas.

The highlights are:

9 new weapons
6 new expeditions
New difficulty levels for the expeditions
New PVP content in the endgame

More about the contents found is here: This is how it should continue with New World after the release.

If only part of this content will be published in 2021, that would be a strong signal. Because I see great potential in New World, which, like many other MMORPGs, has also to offer to the release too little in the endgame.

But for this potential for me also a decent communication and a realistic outlook for the future. And here it happens something else.

What do you say about the communication of Amazon and a future roadmap? Do you also find them as important as me?

Anyone who is interested in the previous endgame content of New World will find an overview here:

New World: Level 60 and what now? 7 things that you can do in the endgame

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