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With the upcoming patch 11.21 BringLeague of Legends a great change for the Ingame chat. Thus, the possibility is disabled to interact with the opposing players during the match to reduce toxic behavior. But many players are rather afraid of their own team.

What exactly is that for a change? Riot Games is currently focusing to improve the behavior of players Ingame. So there were already adjustments to the topic of afler and how to deal with players, which simply race into death again and again.

The next change now refers to the Ingame chat. There, the / all chat is deactivated in all modes in which you can queue in a queue. Custom games, in turn, are excluded from the change.

In the future, you will not be able to write in chat with opposing players during the match. However, emotes and Champion Masterys are still visible. Even after the match, the statistics overview will still have the opportunity to talk to the opposing players.

MeinMMO author Philipp Hansen has received this toxic behavior itself:

The death of GG EZ, but the team chat is often worse

How is the planned change on? Already the deactivation of the all-chat meets in reddit on a shared echo. While some players welcome this adaptation, some will miss the exchange with other players:

The Reddit User Falbindan reports that he had positive experiences rather with opponents: I made some of my best experiences with the opposing team. I like to start the game to congratulate my Lane opponents to his new skin and maybe even give him a few tips when I see he struggling against my main.
The user MEGACHASER9, for example, will miss the sayings at the end of the match: That s the death of GG EZ.
Even the Riot staff Earthslug has spoken out on Twitter against the decision, but the Tweet now deleted: I do not like to criticize the decisions of other teams at Riot, but I do not think this is the right decision. Sure, / All can be toxic, but the percentage of games in which I enjoy the chat outweigh the bad ones. (via reddit).

The Vayatir user is also irritated by the change, as players can now disable the all-chat independently if they want it.

A large part of the comments looks a completely different problem at the point of chat anyway. Because they do not experience the toxic behavior in / all-chat, but often in their own team.

More about LOL on Meinmmo:

One of the most famous German Lol-Caster listens: Do not feel the game anymore
Riot presents the next 2 new champions for lol – solve many discussions
Lol bannes one of the best players in the world, brumes him 218 € penalty

Where do many players see the real problem? in the team chat:

This is how the RedDit user WEDODUMPLING writes: I can not remember when I was offended by the opposing team last time, but I m flamed in 5 out of 10 players from my players.
Also Own-Iron-207 makes similar experiences: Is this only with me, or does 95% of Toxic behavior in the team chat happen? The deactivation of / all will not change it.

For this statement, both users got more than 1,000 upvotes and much encouragement in the comments. Other users also report that the team chat is much greater problem. And you could not easily deactivate it so.

The user Novaeth comes to the change to the following conclusion:

The logic in this decision is probably that you only want to raise the idea that a massive change is made to fight against toxic behavior. […]. Anyone who played several games in Lol knows that:

1 . A large part of the toxic behavior of teammates goes out
2 . The / All-chat can already be deactivated…

How do you see the change on / all-chat? And have you rather problems with opponents or players? Write it in the comments.

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