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VALLE STARDEW The Creator Eric Barone revealed his last game, jocked, only a few days ago. In a general sense, the game looks a lot like that of valle Stardew and sees the players by controlling a chocolatier who lives in a enchanted castle . And while this may sound exciting enough on its own, Barone also mocked this week that Hocolatero haunted is not the only new project he has in process at this time.

As Barone mentioned in the officer chocolatero haunted sitio, it was said that another game from the famous creator is also currently in process. While Barone did not offer any specific details about this second project, he suggested that it is probably much farther than that of haunted choocero . Actually, it s not the first nor the only new project I ve been working on, but I think it s the one I think I ll finish first, Barone said about chocolatero .

Speaking that as far away chocolatero haunted could be, Barone emphasized that the game is still in its early stages. I started working in this game a little over 1 year ago, in 2020. Since then, I have been working on it mainly in the afternoons and on weekends, because I am still actively working on valle stardew related things , said Barone. Because the game is still at a very early stage of development, whatever this secondary project can be surely it is even further from being revealed. As such, we probably should not expect to see him announced at any time in the near future, assuming he even sees the light of day.

When it comes to haunted chocholatier specifically, Barone also either compromised with a launch window of any kind yet. In addition, he also has only said that the PC will be the only platform to which the game will come with certainty. However, a launch on other platforms should be likely, although Barone has not yet committed to details.

ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier -- Early Gameplay
What do you think of the creator of valle stardew working on so many new projects at the same time? And what are your initial impressions of hocolatero haunted ? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

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