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Anyone who has just put himself apart a bit with the video game indie scene, which is not around Stardew Valley. The life simulation has pulled over the years with the relaxing gameplay and the enchanting characters countless players everywhere in their spell.

Stardew Valley (Buy Now 36,14 €) But is therefore such a house number because the game comes from only one person despite its success: Eric Concernedape Barone. Ebere now his next project introduced, on the fans certainly already waited long-awaited. Concernedape s Haunted Chocolatier will be hot and first gameplay with FAQ is already available.

It s about Concernedape s Haunted Chocolatier

How Barone is writing on the website specially created for the game, Concernedape s Haunted Chocolatier is a mix of role-playing and simulation that is currently in development: In this game you will play as Chocolatier, who lives in a spooky lock. For your new To fulfill the role, your ingredients have to collect, make delicious chocolate and sell them in your store. How to clarify Barone, it will go more in the game, But it s still too early in development , so wool He currently no longer revealed.

ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier -- Early Gameplay
As with Stardew Valley too, Barone is again the sole creator, programmer and creative head behind Haunted Chocolatier. In his FAQ he writes that he wants to help himself for localization and console ports. He also wants to publish his new work itself. Stardew Valley was still published at the Publisher Chucklefish.

Differences and similarities to Stardew Valley

The question is whether Haunted Chocolatier is resembling Stardew Valley, Barone answers: in some ways yes, but in many ways no. As Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier is another city game where you put in a new city and attract you a new way of life tries. You will get to know the residents, reach your goals and make progress in many ways. All this is similar to Stardew Valley.

But there are also some differences: The core gameplay and the topic differ very well. Haunted Chocolatier is more of an action RPG compared to Stardew Valley. And rather than the farm is the center of your effort, it goes here To your chocolate business.

Also the above-embedded trailer conveys this feeling that Haunted Chocolatier is resembling Stardev Valle, but also his own ways goes. The focus is much more on the fighting and collecting ingredients, but still the relationships with the different characters should not be neglected. The style and soundtrack should also pick up Stardew Valley fans immediately.

All more information about Concernedape s Haunted Chocolatier can be found on the official website. Did you make the first trailer for the game? What are your first impressions to the concept? Correspread your opinion in the comments!

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