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Haunted Chocolatier -- Early Gameplay (Creator of Stardew Valley)
The creator of Starkew Valley, after being focused on his next project for some time, finally shows us what he has been working on: Haunted Chocolatier . If you like chocolate, then get ready, because in this title you will use everything you learned in Stardew Valley to manufacture it and sell it, everything within a haunted mansion .

Why chocolate? I m not sure, I just came up Eric Barone According to the trailer, the first thing you ll have to do, will go out to explore and hunt. You must join the ingredients necessary to create your own chocolate, and then arm your store, where several people will buy what you have cooked.

Why chocolate? I m not sure, it s just happening to me, said the creator of the game, Eric Barone , in a publication within the official game site. Sometimes I think the best ideas come from blow, instead of thinking them calmly.

Barone added, after 10 years practice, he feels safer than ever to capture a sudden idea in a videogame, and that s how he likes to work. Besides, I think that many people like chocolate, he added.

Concluding the message of him, Barone writes that the game still needs a lot of work , despite losing almost finished in the trailer. Please understand that you will spend a time before the game is over, but I will be working on it as much as I can, he mentioned.

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