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Starting today, Neverwinter players will certainly be able to appreciate the Pose of Liars festival in the game.

Throughout this event, players will certainly exchange Masquerade Tokens with the Masquerade Vendor in Guard s Enclave for incentives. These consist of the Encouraged Illusionist s Mask (which is acquired at Uncommon as well as can be updated to Mythic high quality), the Splinters Buddy (which is captivated by strange powers), and also the Enchanted Broom Mount (loaded with dark energies).

Change Potions will additionally be offered throughout this moment. These will certainly allow players to become bigger, shrink down, or end up being a chicken or a wolf.

To join the occasion, one just need visit the Masquerade Master at the occasion dais in Protector s Enclave. From there, he ll explain the daily quests and the incentives offered this year. You can range out the full list of celebrations here.

The event will go through November 4 at 7:30 am PT.

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