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Sony has requested a new patent for the PlayStation. Spectators could vote on players in the future. But that should meet exactly the wrong persons when the patent for PS4 and PS5 comes exactly so, Meinmmo author Benedikt Schlotmann.

That s why it s time: Sony has now registered a new patent. A patent is ideas and concepts for which developers want to secure the rights (via pdfpiw.uspto.gov).

According to the official explanation, the patent will allow in the future that spectators and participants of Livestreams, other players remove from a game

Either spectators can decide directly through the players and then the player should then be thrown out of the game.
Alternatively, a fixed price is called, which you have to pay if you want to remove a player from a match.
In addition, you should be able to warn players if they make very many mistakes.

According to the patent, this should be the most advantageous that you could remove disrespectful people or disturbing milling quickly from a match. But the measures could end up meeting exactly the wrong people and make matches for a paradise for trolls.

Bann system is likely to make disadvantaged groups

Who could the system meet everything? Basically, the system should ensure a better one with each other and, above all, punish themselves that behave disrespectful.

But such a system could be abused quickly for wrong purposes.

For example, women who are active in E-Sport have to listen to many women s timely speaking.
Other gamers like the rapper t-pain are racistly offended by players.

Exactly such persons could then end up under shelling, although they really want to protect them.

Spectators get a strong tool in the hand here to throw unpopular persons from the match, although they are correctly behaving or show good performance in the game. Whether gender, appearance or nationality, here there are many aspects where spectators could enemetically respond to participants.

This is the other problem: According to patent, players get no chance to protest against a spell or a throw away. The announced player or the participating streamer get no way to put word against the spell.

Sony filed patent for game cartridge
An alternative would at least be based on such a system with a moderator, which controls in large, competitive matches, why thousands of spectators want to banish a specific player. Here, injustices would quickly become clear. An automatic system familiar to the viewers invites trolls to abuse it.

A game that has currently problems with such wrong blockages is the MMORPG New World: In New World, even players are banned so they do not participate in wars. In this way you can lock the competition out of the game, which is not in the sense of the MMORPG.

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