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The second update of FIFA 22 will soon arrive at PC and Stadia. Normally reaches these platforms and then to consoles. EA Sports usually warns of it, but on this occasion they omit the desktop systems. It should not be an obstacle so that they do not reach PlayStation and Xbox in a few days, but we clarify it.

FIFA 20 FUT Champions Grand Final November Tekkz vs Fifilza7
In any case, it would be the second patch that FIFA receives in just one month, adding content or arranging some improvements. This is the official list of changes that we find.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The following changes have been made:

The order of the thrown shots will now be determined by the attribute of the shots at door. When players share the same penalty attribute, the shooting power and auction attributes will be used to determine the order.
After completing the FUE Champions finals and qualifying for another while the existing competition is still active, the Fut Champions Finals user interface now informed players who can not qualify for the existing test.
When qualifying for the Fut Champions Finals, a new post screen will appear on the game to notify players about classification.

The following problems have been resolved:

The winning streak IU indicator did not appear after winning two games followed by Rivals division. It was just a visual problem.
Rarely, a division game Rivals can begin wrong with an inactivity message that appears and remains on the screen.
Some teams could conflict with the referee s equipment during matches.
The progress window of the Fut Champions Finals did not show validation next to the rank indicator I after reaching it. It was just a visual problem.
When you arrive at a new stage in division rivals, post-match screens did not highlight the new stage. It was just a visual problem.
In Squad Battles, the option of selection of the opponent showed an empty space next to the classification and the collective of the selected opponent.
When obtaining a new range in Squad Battles, the post-match screen did not show the updated visual indicator for the range. It was just a visual problem.
When claiming the rewards of the Fut Champions Finals, a pop-up message appeared indicating that the event has ended up animation of rewards.
The parties against the CPU is not counted for the Stadia played starting counter [only in Stadia].
Background tifos were not always shown correctly.
Some replacement images were present on the Fut Friendlies screen.


The following changes have been made:

The effectiveness of players controlled by AI was reduced to block pastures and lobed crosses; More specifically, players controlled by IA could stretch too much when they tried to block pastures and lobed crosses.
CPU AI teams are now more likely to commit faults when playing matches in semi-pro difficulty and superior.

The following problems have been resolved:

[Single for PC] some cases of visual blink that occurred after performing skill movements during the matches.
When ordering a quality shot, the ball bearer could sometimes deviate to run it with your strong foot.
The exterior foot shoot line did not work properly.
When two players come into contact with the ball at the same time, the ball can sometimes fly without wanting.
The carrier of the ball can sometimes move erratically when he tries to protect him with a touch.
In exceptional cases, a player can disappear from the field during a match.
In rare occasions, the referee could incorrectly request a free kick within the penalty area instead of a penalty shooting.
The automatic player change settings did not always work properly.
Professional clubs of clubs and career players, the fixed kick specialist attribute did not work during free throws and door shots.
The goalkeepers could involuntarily execute a goal kick on the entire field.
When performing an entry within the Penalti area, the ball could sometimes be involuntarily moved towards the defender s goal.
When calling a player from the corner, the player sometimes called could make unnecessary gestures to humanize the player.
A trying to change direction as he runs the ball carrier can sometimes lose contact with the ball.

Race mode

were made the following changes:

New news scenes were added for the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League.
The logic of selection of player s objectives in the race mode was adjusted to take into account the difficulty of certain objectives.
The pop-up message is moved not available so that it could appear during the pre-match transmission instead of the center of the career mode.

Addressed the following questions:

The players of the Youth Academy could disappear at the beginning of the second season.
Sometimes, a player s plane could decrease incorrectly after completing a game by which he was replaced.
In exceptional cases, when entering into play as a substitute in a player s career, both teams could be placed in the same half of the field during a kick out.
The potential of a young player could unduly decrease if he enters the senior team towards the end of the season, without any game.
In the players career, too similar goals of matches may appear involuntarily.
In the players races, the stockings could incorrectly show several values ​​in different menus.
The audio of the interview after the party could corrupt when the configuration was enabled to deactivate all the music for transmission.
The names of training exercises may appear in incorrect places of the user interface.
The center of the equipment could continue to move even when an emerging message appeared on the screen.
When trying to eliminate a player from the center of the team, the affected player was the one on the preview pane instead of the player highlighted.
Some international parties were not shown in the calendar.
The player s performance screen did not always show 2D heads.
In the player s career section, the created professional was not selected for some games of the national team.
An annulment menu was not successful when entering the game settings during a game.
When simulating a coincidence, yellow and red cards may appear green at the user interface.

Volta Football.

The following changes have been made:

When looking for a coincidence in Volta Squads, the goals are now present on the right side instead of an avatar information.
The duration of the up and down arrows on the Volta Arcade results screen has been elongated and moved to the left to improve clarity.
When navigating the store or customizing an avatar, the full attire of the avatar will be displayed instead of the camera approaches a specific garment.
By completing an Arcade Volta tournament and avatar level up, the back screen to the tournament will now show separately the amount of volta coins won during the level rise and the tournament respectively. Avatars

The following problems have been resolved:

The Arcade volta chronometer sometimes showed an inaccurate time. It was just a visual problem.
The entire lobby could dissolve involuntarily when the captain canceled the pairing.
During the matches, the vibrations of the command can persist involuntarily.
When trying to match while pairing was disabled, players could see an incorrect emerging message.
A green arrow indicator may appear in an incorrect location on the back screen.
In Volta Arcade, an incorrect logo may appear next to the name of the avatar.
The narration of the menu did not always work properly.
The screen welcome to Volta Arcade may take longer than expected to appear.
The screen Select Signature Skill did not show a title or a general summary.
The Avatar widget could interfere with other elements of the user interface.
The option of the pause menu of the players list did not have a visual indicator.
The tent mosaics can take longer than expected to appear.
The players of the AI ​​of both teams had white player indicators.
During the celebration of goals, avatars could move incorrectly through the walls.

Club Pro.

We have done the following change:

An option was added to toggle the appearance of the player s performance in the game user interface, this option can be found on the visual setup tab when it is paused during a game.
A option was added to adjust the audio level of benefits activation, this option can be found in the Audio setup tab of the game when paused during a game.

The following problems have been resolved:

Sometimes, menus can run at a slower speed than expected.
Some players can see kits different from those selected by the captain in the transmission prior to the party.
The threat indicator could move incorrectly in the field.
The player overlay player is incorrectly shown as blank.
The names of the players were not correctly aligned on the club tactics screen.

General, Audio and Visual

The following changes have been made:

Updates of some kits, celebrations, transmission packages, stadiums, images of 2D players, pre-playing scenes, user interface text format, user interface elements, advertising fences, comments, transitions, Cantics and hymns of the audience.
The ability was added to execute Jul s celebration for additional players.

The following problems have been resolved:

The cases of superposition, error, lack of visual clarity and text visualization were corrected in some menus.
Fixed cases of fuzzy UI elements.
An unusual stability problem that could occur during the matches was corrected.
When you show a video EATV of the main menu in full screen, the transition effect was not displayed correctly.
We arrange other cases in which the player models did not have the correct size when they appeared in certain parts of the user interface.
EATV videos could be reproduced automatically even if the EA Sports Automatic News Playback option was deactivated.
Some beard options were not displayed when personalizing avatars, virtual professionals and managers.
The elements at the bottom of the main menu can sometimes seem damaged.
The visual composition indicator was updated in modes with skill trees.

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