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Season 11 is giving its last collets and Riot Games is aware that League of Legends players have begun to fight even more by climbing positions in the ladder for arriving at gold . Well, it seems that he wants to motivate these players even more and have taken the appearance that will be given to those who reach a minimum of gold in Soloq: Blitzcrank victorious . The most beloved robot of the summoner crack has been left to be seen in the PBE and its Preview Is exquisite.

As we can see, the Effects of the robot are pretty colorful and above all sophisticated . What catches the most is the effect of the rays that makes it much more respectable than with the Skin default. While there are other aspects of the champion much more defined as Halloween, this has the plus of to be exclusive for players who have reached the gold rank in the qualifiers only / duo. Thus, many of us will be fun of this skin all the crack of the invoker, which although it seems a little class, they only have it the people who have played better ; As it happened before with the players in Challenger and they took an exclusive backpack with his invoker name.

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It is important to emphasize the return of a pure support for this aspect victorious, since we do not have one for this role from 2013 with Janna If we do not have Morgana in 2014, he was also played in The midlane . Since that season, Oriana, Aatrox, Elise or Sivir have been the champions elected by Riot Games to receive this Skin but never support. Although still we do not know the process that the company uses to choose the champion of each year, it is likely that they are fixed on the radius of pick and victories with this champion in the silver and gold ranges to catch it , in addition to having a good kDa throughout the season.

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