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MMORPGs are becoming increasingly popular on Steam. We at MeinMMO summarize you, which of the online role-playing games in October 2021 have the most players on Steam.

As the list was created? We have looked at this list, as the average number of players has appeared in the last 30 days for the game. We have taken the site Steam charts to help, which evaluates the data from Steam and processed.

However, this list represents only the pure numbers of players on Steam. However, many MMORPGs also offer a private client to download. The total number of players will be correspondingly higher.

Nevertheless, the list is a good indicator of what games are currently popular and what changes it was about September for the previous month.

We have also created a list of the best rated MMORPGs on Steam, where it s all about how good a game actually arrives in the reviews.

are the spaces 10-4

Place 10 – Legends of Idleon MMO (2,294 players)
9th – EVE Online (3,503 players)
Place 8 – RuneScape (4,295 players)
Place 7 – Star Wars: The Old Republic (5,931 players)
Place 6 – Albion Online (6,163 players)
5th place – Bless Unleashed (13,834 players)
Place 4 – The Elder Scrolls Online (16 281 players)

No. 3 – Black Desert

focus of MMORPGs: sandbox, Grinding and world exploration
Players: 16,560 average player in the last 30 days
player numbers the trend: Compared to last year rather on the decline
Business model: Buy2Play
Developer: Pearl Abyss

What is this game? Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG that promises you a lot of freedom. So you can level up endlessly, come in several ways to the best equipment and life-skills such as improving fishing or collecting. It also offers one of the best character ever editors on the market and a very action-packed combat system.

Particularly interesting is the economic system that is fully supported by the players. You can with the help of NPC-workers even build a complex production network, where her they grow crops on a field and let later processed with other ingredients to make beer.

In return, Black Desert dispensed with a linear story and varied quests. You have to get yourself set your goals, about where her grindet for levelups, fighting against strong world bosses or taking part in battles to outposts in PvP. is a bit frustrating while the equipment system, because the revaluation can devalue failure and even your item again.

A good overview of the MMORPG you are this video from German YouTuber ducks Castle:

Who is it interesting Black Desert is aimed at players who?:

Action-packed fights like
Stand on strong graphic in a MMORPG
Rather find their own content, instead of running from Quest Quest hub to hub
Want to grind times blunt, too
No ve shy of PvP world
Resistant frustration when upgrading of equipment are

Anyone looking for a direct alternative to WoW or FFXIV is not happy here sooner. For there is no classic Dungeons and Raids and also an overarching story you have to do without.

Where to play outside of Steam? Black Desert offers its own client, which you download directly to the website can. There is also the MMORPG for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

No. 2 – Final Fantasy XIV

focus of MMORPGs: Theme Park, Story and instances
Players: 28,161 average player in the last 30 days
player numbers the trend: Rising
Business model: basic game Free2Play, subscription and Buy2Play for new extensions
Developer: Square Enix

What is this game? Final Fantasy XIV was originally published in 2010 and earned harsh criticism. 2013 then came the big relaunch labeled A Realm Reborn . Since then it is one of the most popular MMORPGs in general.

The game is reminiscent of classic Japanese RPGs, which is due to the strong focus on the story. In Endgame you expect a lot of tricky raids and challenges. For this, however, you have to cope with the combat system, which acts tough and sluggish, especially at the beginning.

For this, the game world is huge and there is a wide variety of classes that are referred to herein as jobs . The special is that you may be able all leveling with a character. In addition, Final Fantasy XIV will be regularly supplied with new updates and even greater enhancements. In November, about the next expansion Endwalker, which we presented to you in detail appears.

Until Level 60 you can play the MMORPG now for free, then you have to buy the latest extension and complete a subscription to completely experience it.

An overview of the game offers this video of Entenburg:

For whom is it interesting? Final Fantasy XIV is focused mainly of players:

Find the story very important in a MMORPG
Favor games with Tab Targeting as a combat system
Like to follow a linear story
Want to prove to other players in dungeons and raids
Clear with the Japanese setting

If, on the other hand, if you are looking for an action-packed MMORPG with escape rollers and block, you will not be happy here. You can also tell the game a certain age at the interface and the graph. There are also almost no PVP content and the instantiated modes that there are usually long queues.

Where can you play outside of Steam? Final Fantasy XIV is available both via Steam and in your own launcher, as well as for Mac, PS4 and PS5. Unfortunately, you have to do without Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox consoles.

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FFXIV offers crossSplay between the platforms, unless you and your friends play on the same data center.

Place 1 – New World

Focus of MMORPGS: Crafting, exploration and PVP in the endgame
Player number: 511.171 Average players in the last 30 days
Player numbers in trend: only appeared on September 28th
Business model: Buy2play
Developer: Amazon Games

What is this for a game? New World is the latest MMORPG in the list and celebrated its release until September 28th. Originally it was developed as a PVP title with some survival aspects, but now it also tries to pick up the classic MMORPG fans.

For this purpose, the quest system was revised and new world bosses and especially 6 completely new dungeons came into play. In addition, the PVP in the open world is now optional. However, who activates it, however, can turn out enemies from a foreign company and conquer Forts on the map.

The highlights of the game are the collection and crafting system that feels scary and the wars in the endgame, in which the players at 50v50 fight territories.

The combat system requires active destinations and dodges and feels scary. However, it is much slower than games like ESO or Black Desert. That makes it tactical, but does not get well with every player.

Criticism is also available for the rather weak quest design and the missing overarching story. Who wants, can, however, can find small lore snippets on the ground to learn more about the world.

The English Youtuber Zizaran has held his experiences with New World in a video:

For whom is it interesting? New World is aimed at players who:

Generally looking for a completely new and from setting from unused MMO
Have fun collecting and crafting
Find an MMORPG with active combat system and evasive role
PvP like, but not permanently fight against other players
Do not need classes, because New World leaves your game style completely defining the equipment

If, on the other hand, if you are looking for a new theme park MMORPG, you will only be happy in New World. There are no exciting quests and no overarching story. The number of dungeons is currently still quite small and RAIDs is not at all.

Where can you play outside of Steam? not. New World is currently only playable via Steam. Whether there will ever be a version outside the platform or for consoles is currently unknown.

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Bonus – me 4

What does it have it with this game? As in the previous month, we list 4 here as a bonus game. With an average of 34,415 players in the last 30 days, the title would actually be in second place of the ranking.

However, there are some things that the players disturb the title:

The fact that the players can farm in me 4 crypto currency, it will be used by some earning money .
With me 4 is also a mobile game, which first appeared for Android and iOS and then ported for the PC.
At Steam, the game comes just about the 50% hurdle, pointing to positive reviews.

Whoever wants to look at me 4, finds a detailed idea for the MMORPG:

New MMORPG MIR4 – Release Still August 2021 for Steam, iOS and Android

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