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Cuando en informática se habla de un parche informático, refiere a los distintos cambios que se han aplicado a un programa para corregir errores, actualizarlo, eliminar secciones antiguas de software o simplemente añadirle funcionalidad.[1]​ En informática, un parche consta de cambios que se aplican a un programa, para corregir errores, agregarle funcionalidad, actualizarlo, etc.[1]​
Si bien los parches suelen ser desarrollados por programadores ajenos a los autores iniciales del proyecto, esto no siempre es así. Un parche puede ser aplicado tanto a un binario ejecutable como al código fuente de cualquier tipo de programa, incluso, un sistema operativo o una aplicación para dispositivos móviles.
El origen del nombre probablemente se deba a la utilidad de Unix llamada patch creada por Larry Wall.[2]​

The PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 14.1 is now also available for consoles a week after the PC servers.

With the update, players can now agree on Halloween, as important areas on the map Erangel are now equipped with decorations in Halloween style.

These include scary weather effects, including fog and a unique moon color that can be found on important points on the map.

Here is a complete overview of Update 14.1:

New gameplay feature – Wear: On all cards, players can now lift injured players, allowing a variety of new strategies. Allies can be safely brought and revived from coverage, or used as a shield against incoming fire.
New ranking season: With Update 14.1, a new ranking season is introduced, whereby all rewards that were deserved during the ranking season 13 are automatically added to the inventory of the players. Similar to previous ranking desks, these two months are running.
Taego enhancements: The card is based on the player data collected in recent months a number of improvements after the most popular combat zones of the card have been analyzed, objects and terrain improvements are made in areas with a profit rate of 75 percent or more . In addition, errors are introduced on the map, spawning weapons and supplies that were previously only on other cards. Error areas will be available in normal, ranked and custom matches on TaErego.
Erasangel adjustments: In addition to the already mentioned updates on Halloween, there will be adjustments for the popular jump point Pochinki. Until the Update 14.1, it was difficult for players to escape after an early fight without vehicle from Pochinki. Therefore, adjustments to the church building were made and new waterways, coverings and fences have been added.
Card rotation: Taego and Paramo will replace with 14.1 Vikendi and Karakin in normal fighting. In Ranklistspiel you replace Sanhok and Vikendi. The new map rotation for matches looks like this:
Normal matches:

Ranklist Games:


Pubg Event in Cologne and Berlin: Interested players can measure themselves on 16 October in Cologne and Berlin in Pubg: Battlegrounds at Red Bull Superiocity. Led by the streamers Rewinside and Papanlatte Clarify 200 players per team The ultimate question: Which is Germany s gaming capital? Red Bull Superiocity is taking place in Xperion Cologne and interested in LVL Berlin can register here or pursue relaxed from home from the LiveStream.

The full patch notes to 14.1 for consoles can be found here.

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