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New games are often a victim of self-caused hypes. Games like Cyberpunk were not bad per se, but could never meet the unrealistic expectations of many players. Many suspected that New Word could cause such a fate. However, they were so far wrong. For the hype and enthusiasm for Amazon MMO was still unbroken in the days and weeks after the release – maybe apart from the trouble over endless queues.

Nevertheless, it should be suspected that the number of players will decrease heavily on foreseeable time, of which even Amazon goes out, which is why they have created the servers directly so that they can easily let themselves together (for example, unique names). But why is the author of these rows from it and why is the hype greater for him when New World actually deserved?

Longing for a new, good MMO

A big reason for the hype is certainly the longing of the MMO players after a good new game. Although there are many MMORPGs on the market, but most are already many years old and have lost their glamor over time. The whole thing is further powered by the current events around Blizzard and the ongoing content lull in WOW. Many players just want a new and great world in which they can go on a journey of discovery and where progress and minmaxing is not in the foreground. And that can offer you New World (now € 39.99) undoubtedly. Paired yet, with the extremely good optics, many WoW players hope for a new salvation charming here – and will not be disappointed in the first few hours.
Just walk through the area. The immersion in New World is first cream Source: MMOS because the first hours and days on Aeternum are wonderfully relaxing for every stressed player of another MMOS. Just enjoy the landscape in peace, glow a few new enemies and experiment with the different combat and crafting system. That s fun and distracts from the same content of a wow.

Disillusionment follows later

Some former players from other MMORPGs will find a new home in Aeternum. For a large part of the players of WOW and Co., however, disillusionment will be adjusted for short or long. Because New World is not for everyone. MMO players are now used to be directed by at least halfway exciting quests and a reasonably comprehensible story through a game. Pure Grind, as it is widespread in Asian MMOs, can delight only a few players here in Western Spheres.

However, this is a main part of New World. The side quests are extremely repetitive and crafting requires more and more grind for the important materials over the game. As long as the world can inspire, it s fun. But what, if you have seen yourself sick at the doubt beautiful environments? Then the actual game mechanics back in the foreground again. And these are focused in New World on the PVP. And look at how big the proportion of active PVPers is in other MMORPGs, one may assume that a not very insignificant part of the current players does not find enough to stay very active in New World.

Missing PVE endgame

Arrived in the end game, many players will finally be aware for the first time that New World has no PVE endgame. Sure, you can always make PVE faction quests or the like – but is that the fulfillment? Highly scaled endgame dungeons or even big battles are not available in New World simply. Who has no interest in PVP, will be bored quickly. Especially since there are no cool side quests that you could still catch up on maximum level. It gives you, but they are so generic that they are not fun at the levels.
The PVE content is quite manageable. Source: MMOS also comes the active combat system. While this is fun, the question is: but entertaining the same pair of attacks even after 200 hours playing time? Against the same opponents? Experience has shown such a system relatively quickly. Thanks to weapons change, the variety also helps only conditionally.

PVP fans are looking forward to

If you have joy of the PVP, which is in New World. From small skirmishers in the free world about the wars around the fort or the outpost tower on maximum level – most content is thoughtful, fun and are designed on long-term motivation. If you can not do anything, it does not remain much other.
PVP fans get their money s worth in New World. Source: Amazon Game Studios Because sometime, the biggest discovery of a player is satisfied. This is how New World can not exceed the PVP in the endgame. Explore the different areas and find mysterious places where strange things play. Or you are working in the best Schnitzeljagdmanier by smaller storylines and will surprise in places of background stories. Of course, that s particularly exciting, in contrast to most other MMOs, not everything is known in advance. Anyone who is not actively searching for, who is barely spoiled about the ancestors or the intentions of individual groupings on Aeternum.
However, that is, of course, no base on which a game can capture over months or years.

Not for everyone – which is completely okay

New World is definitely not a game in my eyes, which can delight the average MMO player for a long time. But that is perfectly fine. On the one hand, New World is not a subscription game. You buy it once, you have a lot of fun with the levels and explore and can then put it back to the side without a bad conscience. And here I am quite sure: From the price / performance ratio, New World can keep up with all current AAA titles.
On the other hand, the developers have repeatedly emphasized since the first announcement that New World focuses on the PVP in the endgame. Even the quests were only installed on printing of communities. Therefore, you can not expect a pronounced PVE end game from a New World.

Many reactions that were read in various forums in the past few days, but clearly indicates that many players did not understand. It was or is unaware of how the endgame will look in New World. Whether the players concerned have not informed well enough, or Amazon (and also rapporteurs as we from MMOS) have not explicitly pointed out, it s time to go.

Maybe I lie with the assessment but also completely wrong. What do you think – have many players from New World expect something else or is the impression that a not insignificant part of the players is surprised, why the PVE in Amazon MMO is so badly expanded?


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