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What would Stardew Valley give more spice than an extreme challenge? Exactly, nothing. A well-known Youtuber wants to spend an Ingame year in the farm simulation without leaving the farm. If that will work?

Stardew Valley: That happens if you do not leave your farm

The lively and colorful bustle in Stardev Valley is sometimes determined by the many relationships that you can cultivate in village life. A service here, a settlement there and not to forget the quests you can complete. All this wants to ignore the Youtuber Call Me Kevin – and for a full Ingame year .

This faces him from various challenges and funny situations . On the one hand, it is pretty hard to hold a financially over water, or to save. But the Youtuber has made a plan in the beginning and set a high goal: he wants to save about 30,000 gold .

The purpose: He wants to get a fishing, copper, a backpack, a crystalarium and seeds. Because his rules allow a visit outside his farm. However, only once a year. This requires tremendous organization and also a little luck .

So Call Me Kevin must have some valuable items up to one year of bunkers until he can exchange them for money with a particular person or business.

Stardew Valley by Kinda Nerdy Housewife in 44:13 - Flame Fatales 2021
Also, the arbitrariness of the emerging objects determine his account balance – lets the grassbüschel fall a random seed, or rinses the sea randomly a preciousness in a box? Pure coincidence.

On the other hand, the village abstinence makes it particularly difficult to improve. Many equipment or progress can only be found out of your own farm.

And unlike a hard-scented farmers is common, the Youtuber usually only ridiculous two to three plants are waiting to water.

The rest of the time the hermit deals with the cases of trees and the sale of wood. For his lengthy efforts, the Youtuber usually gets a tired mark.

The oblique challenge for the farm simulation will still be picked up from the following games:

The highlight represent the random letters of the family , which provide home-baked biscuits or sent gold for a welcome money rimmer.

During the crazy challenge, Call Me Kevin plays different strategies who could promise him the most money – is the sale of the wood, or more of the stones?

In the Youtube comments the viewers celebrate the extreme challenge and themselves have their own theories and tips in stock, which should lead to success faster. Others feel inspired to start such a challenge.

The result of the absurd challenge is a monotonous and lonely life full of trees and letters of foreign villagers who have never seen the farmer before. And a stressful day in the village to do all the deferred tasks of a year. Of which the main objective – to get the crystalarium – was not even possible.

If you want to enjoy the full length s thirty-minute youtube video, you can watch it on the channel of Call Me Kevin (in English).

The Youtuber Call Me Kevin, known for his crazy challenges, has imposed in Stardew Valley for a whole in-game year house arrest and tries to survive. What comes out is a pretty monotonous farm life.

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