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When one thinks that the thing is changing and that is truly taking the sports as what they are, Much of the future of competitive entertainment , comes something that completely crumbles the illusion. It was a mirage. There is still a lot of way to go.

It is the lightest conclusion that I can take after the Dux Gaming communiqué in which they admit that the ELALIGA does not allow the inscription of Gravesen, Adriman and Daniel Aguilar , three of the best players of one of the more clubs Influential. One more sample that those behind these organizations have very little vision of the new entertainment lines. That, or that only care about your brand and will take you ahead everything that does not interest them . Egos of other worlds that bring to the competitive scenario of videogames.

There are many readings about it, and The first that is easily disassembled is that of DUX abuse by having several of the best players between their ranks . It is lawful that a team ficts the athletes who want, if their budget allows it. This is because the competition has changed its rules so that there is only one representative by Club de Esports and, in Spain, it is not that they are, precisely.

Laliga itself Justifies this decision by the competitive integrity , and that is why they only allow a player per team. Is what is not gravesen , champion of La Elaliga in 2019, Advertise , Champion of LaLaliga Cup in 2020 and Daniel Aguilar , Semifinalist in the edition of last season, you can not participate this year.

In fact, Xavi Robles, one of the founders of Dux, has said that they were willing to give up players to soccer teams without even requesting recognition (logo or shield) anywhere . So that possibility falls apart. Dux shows that he was not interested in capturing his supremacy, but his players, those who have made FIFA s competitive panorama for years in Spain and the elaliga competitions themselves , they had the possibility of playing the tournament.

If you are not familiar with the ESPORTS, a simple example for you to understand it. Imagine that Real Madrid file next year to Haaland and Mbappé to make a dream trident with Benzema. Can you imagine that Tebas said that you can only play one of them per game to not distort the competition? Well, basically, something like that is happening.

This, saving the distances, reminds me of a case that I lived in my own meats a few years ago, when I talked personally with a soccer club to create a branch of ESPORTS, and I was told that they would value the possibility if the team formed Partners , and non-professional players. From this it has been time and the sector has evolved considerably, but gives the impression that there are still those who do not want to move forward.

Of course, camouflaged in the shade there are many interests that will probably never know the light of day. It is not a thing about the clubs, who mostly – including in the aforementioned personal case – Yes they have been open to these competitions . In fact, many of them honor them and move their social networks depending on the competitive of FIFA. It is a beautiful showcase for modest clubs such as Real Oviedo, Real Zaragoza or Real Valladolid , whose representatives -players of DUX, by the way- are some of the competition champions in recent seasons.

Of course, this can not be seen that another form that a sample of ego and a foot shot by the elaliga . They open the door to the leakage of talents, which several of the best Spanish players, recognized internationally as favorites in any continental or world competition, leave to play leagues or tournaments abroad, instead of shining here. Instead of taking advantage of your talent to equally export your brand .

Something tells me that, who is behind this or does not know much about the subject, or knows too much about self-interest. But they should reflect and reverse this nonsense . If it can no longer be this season, that is for the next one.

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