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After the announcement that DESTINY 2 will pack the wirb bug in the content of Vault, players were only moderately enthusiastic about it. Although the black market trade of Spider is still blooming, but we are honest: the Wirbbucht is the new Mercury. If you do not miss anything later, you should take a little time for the location until February 2022. We ll tell you here the five best reasons for it.

Bungie has announced that at the start of the witch king , the wirb bay and a few missions in the Destiny 2 content safe. Of course, this is a popular location. Destiny 2 players leave that reluctantly. You have experienced a lot there and thus the locations are very closely linked.

Especially in the Forsaque campaign, the Wirbbucht was the main destination:

Players have cleared the prison of the old in Wirbbucht with Petra Venj and Cayde-6 in Forsaken.
Uldren SOV has become the great enemy picture in the wheelbird. Not only because he has created in the timber bay, with the help of the barones, the faction of the Hohn. He was also the murderer of Cayde-6.
You could find there in his last minutes next to Cayde-6, the most popular character in Destiny 2. This will ever forget the fewest Destiny 2 players.
To avenge Cayde-6, players in the Wirbbucht have hunted and killed all Hohnbarone.

Nevertheless, the fate of the trip bay is decided. Spider s black market paradise will disappear from February 2022 on indefinite time from Destiny 2.

We listed five things that you can still do in the Wirbbucht:

1. Experienced with Forsaken the best campaign from Destiny 2

The Forsaque campaign, which is the history of Cayde-6 murder, is also one of the best and saddest experiences that players can experience in Destiny 2. She tells the story of two heroes. Who left one of the sister, a hexenkenigin / riven in the misleading and ready for everything. The other a cool guy who has lost a bet to make no fleet say and was only at the wrong place.

That s why Forsaken is so important for the story:

Especially in the current Season 15, the knowledge of the backgrounds to Uldren SOV and Cayde-6 is more than relevant.
How did Ulden SOV actually crow? Why is he the big enemy? And why is his face for many keepers a double-edged sword?

Who wants to understand that, should definitely play the Forsaque campaign.
And of course, because the entire story of hero and antiherds is packed in a musical story.

For all players free until February 2022: To experience the Forsaken story, it is not necessary to buy the extension. Especially if you were later in Destiny 2, this will answer a few issues of players to the past of crow. And also Cayde-6 will reaffirm its status as a coolest revolverheld again.

Bungie returns the campaign for all players for all players on 07. December 2021. You can completely play through the story until it comes in February 2022 in the Content Vault. Only on the Forsaken Raid Last Wish or the Dungeon The Broken Throne you have no free access.

2 . Visit the lost sector empty tank

Destiny 2 has different lost sectors in the game. In it, a few extra minds hide and a final boss guarded by a loot box. With the selectable levels of difficulty on legend and grandmaster they became more relevant. Only there players can get the new Season Exotics. From tonight, 19 o clock it will then spooky sectors to explore as long as the festival of the lost is celebrated.

Also fallen want to relax: In the timepost, there is a lost sector that is unique in its kind. It is the empty tank sector, whose hidden entrance finds her slightly further to the right of the entrance of Spider s shelter.

Granted, you have to look a bit more accurate. However, Findigese players quickly set: Okay, here the opponents have cups and glasses on their heads! . Anyone who visits the sector is in the middle of a nightclub of the fallen and the party is in full swing. It is a small Easter Egg of Bungie.

Expect the players:

Arrived in the sector, you must first pass a fallen-bouncer.
There is a DJ that reveals different songs, including the original song Hope for the Future from Paul McCartney from Destiny 1.
Who goes on discovers a back room fight club with locked serfs and warbones of the cabal.

Thematically, this is probably the best sector throughout the game. Who does not know him yet: Be sure to catch up.

3 . Get the secret badge of the Ganzepler

During the Forsen s campaign, players hunt eight barons. One of them is Hirak s of the Ganzpler . He has created his own throne world in the ascendant level to escape you. As soon as you have defeated him, you can also unlock the badge that it will probably never be available again.

Here you can find all the details and a guidance the secret badge can be unlocked:

When the secret badge is available again: If on December 7, 2021 returns the Forsaken campaign, the badge is also available again. Players can then complete their collection with the rare badge.

4 . Play the mission Sign

During the season of the chosen, the mission sign was unlocked in the Wirrbbucht. Players can become the exotic scout rifle story of a dead . But even in Story, the mission has a lot to offer.

Grusel factor and story are offered: It lands on a ghost ship of the cabal, the glycon. She was occupied by the hohn and everywhere are ominous noises around you. It is a combination of puzzles and jump passages with which Bungie has surprised his players positively.

During the mission, you will also receive week for the week of Osiris, who was already obsessed by Savathun at this time, new information. He tells of the fate of the crazy declared Calus, which was sacrificed in search of the dark. As well as a stubborn and missing guardian who found his tragic fate on the Glykon.

Of course you could also wait until Destiny 2 makes the narrative of a dead , the exotic scout rifle, on the kiosk to purchase available. The mission, however, is the true treasure.

5 . Angergeborn hunts: So you can learn the story of crow

After the Forsaque campaign, players meet again on the former enemy during the season, who killed the most popular NPC in Destiny 2.

The now Risen Uldren Sov has been read by Spider in the Wirbbucht and now his little bird . During the anger born hunts, as a player, you will learn many personal impressions about the human SOV / crow. You experienced how crow learns to be a guardian.

Why is this story so important ?:

If players played the Forsaque campaign, they also understand why Uldren Sov is not NPCs that you want to see you as Destiny 2 players. Of course, it has been guiled after the small cutscene that Uldren Sov would come back sooner or later. It was associated with many players with mixed feelings.
Destiny 2 calls on his players to exercise a power that goes beyond what almost every dedicated online gamer has ever done: to be awarded. This is a very special experience that players can do in Destiny 2.

Currently there are this content exciting in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2: Festival of the lost 2021 – what we know about Halloween
Twitch Streamer offers money when Destiny 2 the Hunter Nerft – Nerf comes to a large update
Agers scepter: will an exotic revolutionize the combat system of Destiny 2?

Therefore Spider is now on the launch list

During the anger born hunts, it also becomes clear why Spider is on the launch list of Queen Mara Sov.

Spider made big mistakes:

He has not only read crow, but also exploited for his purposes.
If it should not go after his will, then the attached bomb would regulate his mind glint immediately.
When Mara learns about 15 in the current Season 15, his fate is actually sealed and Spider knows that.

Destiny player loses characters during Share Play

Currently he does everything to escape the queen. As that goes, we will certainly know soon. Spider still has a few months to make a deal with either the vagabond or maybe even the witch king.

Now your opinion is required: Did you already know all the secrets of the Wirbbucht? Will you play the Story Forsänen again from December? Or is that a content that no longer interest you?

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