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Players ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von Universal Television für den US-Sender NBC produziert wurde. Dick Wolf hat die Serie mit kreiert und war Produzent. Ice-T war einer der Hauptdarsteller. Die Erstausstrahlung erfolgte am 17. Oktober 1997 bei NBC, während die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung am 1. Oktober 1998 bei RTL begann.

Although we are not yet at that time of the year in which you have to consult how many players there are in each range of League of Legends , season 11 has the days counted. Riot Games is already preparing the game for a cycle change and has presented the rewards to which the players will have access to their position in qualifying games. However, many players can not be done with the desired victorious blitzcrank. Be to comfort you or so that you feel that you have fulfilled the goal, it is time to discover how many you will be.

The exclusivity of League of Legends rewards

Although for many players to get to gold is bread eaten, the truth is that most of the players do not reach that range in a qualifying season. A distribution to which we usually pay attention when it ends up to calculate that so difficult has been to upload positions, but that at present it leaves us a clear conclusion: almost six out of ten players who have tried not to achieve the coveted aspect Victorious corresponding to 2021.

In the absence of a month in which players can still achieve the goal, the situation has improved by five percentage points with respect to last year . In this way, if the season will end tomorrow we would have 46% of players in higher than gold IV ranges that would achieve the main prizes for only 41% of the previous campaign. In flexible qualifiers, the situation is quite worse, since more than 68% of classified players do not reach the minimum range.

In any case, we must bear in mind that this time we should not be conformist. Each step that we upload will give us access to a variant of the main aspect that will allow us to show the rest of the players of League of Legends what our final classification has been. All, thanks to a chroma that will represent the different ranges available in the game and will make this look even more exclusive

In any case, the data indicate that only 10% of the League of Legends accounts existing in the world participate in qualifying games. Thus, the real exclusivity of the aspect is much greater than that allow us to know this type of distributions. By doing a quick calculation in the case of the West Europe server, this implies that approximately four of each hundred accounts will get it . This is the reason why Victorious Skins are as exclusive and expensive.

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