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Japan Time October 5, 2021, Iceland, Reykjavik 2021 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2021) . Japan representative DETONATION FOCUSME (DFM) participated in the main tournament has decided to advance to the GROUP STAGE, which is the first to go around the PLAY-IN STAGE that competes with the Worlds main battle.

Worlds 2021 is a world tournament consisting of a 22 teams selected from 11 regions, and 10 teams are in search of a 4-team frame that is currently in the current PLAY-IN Stage.

This time, the GAME SPARK editorial department was held from 22:00 to 8:09 , CLOUD GAMING (BYG) , CLOUD 9 (C9) Right after victory DFM We did an exclusive interview in EVI players . We will deliver the interview content that we ruled the match of the game, the contents of the C9 game, the content of C9 match, and the enthusiasm for the Group Stage!

ー た た た た た た. This time, the Pick of EVI s AGot was active, and it was BAN in C9 game. What about this champion s strengths?

EVI players are good scaling. I think the aragute is an open-handed image, but it is a very weak champion with only the most strong board. If you manage passive skills well and overwhelm the weak time zone, you will be strong in nature, so I think that s the strength.

ー By BYG battle, EVI player s AGot will play against Eight Locks, and I thought it would be a bit painful lane, but how was it actually fighting?

EVI players When I do an argot, I was confident about almost all match-up, so I did not think Oh, I can win.

ー This time, in the BYG and C9 war, patch 11.19 was assembled to pass the champion Amum that is said to be strong, but EVI players evaluate Amum?

I think EVI player good champion. However, we believe that we are a little more skew pick. It is not hard to go down after dumping, and it is not hard, and it is difficult to reach the back carry when the other party s tank comes out before. Very high performance is a champion that is difficult to operate.

ー C9 Games in the C9 game, Olaf has attracted kills, and the act of pork such as Zei and Jais (act of wearing the body s strength using long-distance attacks) is won the team where the champion has a strong champion. Have you been to a tough development, but did you talk about what happened during the match?

EVI players The other party s pork is really strong. , But here, there is a set, leona, syjust, which can start collective battle before being paused, so absolute engagement before being porked by the other party I was talking about trying (collapse).

ー It is the Elder buff that decided the game, but it was a wonderful engagement in the limited time of about 10 seconds. How was the situation at that time?

EVI players did not think about 10 seconds for about 10 seconds, but in the team, we were conversation 1 minute left. And I was going to dive from the beginning to decide the game. I knew that there was no flash of Miss Fortune, so I was thinking of engaged in Olaf and Amum with an ultimate.

ー Lastly, thank you for the first place passing and the fans for the group stage.

EVI players Honestly I have not caught my emotions, but it was also my dream of going out of group stage. However, this is not the end, so from here, it is rather the beginning of a new adventure. Fans, please look forward to the group stage from now on.

Worlds 2021 Group Stage is held from October 11 to 19th, and the top two teams of each group can enter the final round and Knockout Stage. Let s support the success of DFM in GROUP STAGE. Also, please see the interview with the DFM Yutapon player who went on the same day (scheduled on 9:00 am on October 9).

© 2021 RIOT Games, Inc. Used with permission.

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