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As we reported on the weekend , players who have early access to Back 4 Blood came to a special feature. In single player mode with bots, there is no way to get rewards. To earn these, at least another player must be involved online.

In Solom mode, the players therefore receive no supply points that can be issued for cards, which is a key feature of the game. Instead, solo players must use solo decks that represent a separate system. In single player mode, players do not receive any successes or trophies and statistics are not recorded.

Developer react to criticism

If the players want to use the mentioned functions, they must play as mentioned online with other people, as the focus of the game is on multiplayer mode. This restriction in recent days caused abundant criticism that the developers took to heart. In a statement on Twitter, Turtle Rock emphasizes that you want to accept the matter.

We have heard your frustration about the progress in Solomodus and think about how we can tackle the problem, so the makers . Thank you for your patience and your feedback at this time. We will have more news as soon as we have thought about possible ways to implement.

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Back 4 Blood is not available for the general public at the present time, as it will be published on October 12, 2021. Those who are currently playing have the ultimate or deluxe versions that offer early access since 7 October 2021. More about the game Learn in our topic overview.

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