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Košice-Sever („Nord“) ist ein Stadtteil von Košice, im Okres Košice I in der Ostslowakei nördlich der Innenstadt.
Er besteht aus den 3 Katastralgemeinden Čermeľ (26,71 km² Fläche), Kamenné (19,49 km² Fläche) und Severné Mesto („Nordstadt“, 8,46 km² Fläche).

New World has now been available for about two weeks and on the different servers have now formed proper communities. Most of the territories have already been taken by guilds, many players know each other, as each name can only be used once, and so slowly acquire players enough levels and gold to participate in the auction house.

Unfortunately, some players have already begun to cheat their server colleagues and to unbutton them massive levels of gold. On Reddit, for example, some players shared stories about the collapse of an entire faction through the Missants fewer players. So the reddit user writes paradoggs:

I m be the syndicate faction of the HeracleiN server just has the speedrunning record for faction destroying drama in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) It is enough. Just seven days.

In New World, players can connect one of three factions and compete within guilds about the domination of certain areas. If a guild occupied a place, it benefits from different taxes to the actions of objects, crafting, and home ownership. This creates a pretty pretty sum of gold, which is managed by the guild leader alone. The entire system is based on trust.

According to Paradogg, he was part of a guild, which recently lost a war against another faction. Without gold-generating territories, the guild leader asked its members to donate their entire gold to the guild so they can acquire the last unpretased area. Since a war to win probably no possibility, this was the last chance of the guild to manage its own zone. Allegedly, about 200 players have donated a total of 60,000 gold, which is a really big sum for most solo players. Instead of taking an area, the guild guide sagged the entire gold and disappeared.

Paradoggs continues to explain that the guild management and his friends created new characters, all the gold transferred to these and deleted their old characters, so they could start a complete new beginning without anyone know who they are. This fraud crashed the Syndicate Group on Heraclion probably in absolute chaos:

Ninety people from the guild are now alone and bankrupt. The group (the smallest on this server) is full of disorder and betrayal. Nobody familiarize anyone and nobody knows something about it.

The associated reddit post received numerous upvotes very quickly and many players shared similar experiences in the comments. As it looks, guild leader plunder on many servers the guild bench and run to another faction. Other guilds break apart due to interpersonal drama:

This game sets out devastating damage in weak heads. I have a friend whose guild guide has thrown him out for him and others because they did not agree on some in-game strategies, wrote a commentator. Yearly friendship, in which other games were played, is based on. It s crazy.

On my server something similar happened a few days ago, wrote another player. The largest Covenant guild leader emptied the cash registers and ran to the syndicate.

Many players probably experienced similar things, which is of course not very beautiful. At the same time, however, enrichees between the fractions are created, which were previously not there and maybe the cohesion of the cheating fractions is strengthened over time. However, if you are part of a guild that begs you to donate a little gold, you may prefer to come up with a clever excuse.

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