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When New World finally has been released a few days ago, players looked confronted with extremely long queues on different servers. The developers at Amazon therefore added some new servers and asked their players to create a character on one of the empty servers. Amazon additionally emphasized that players can transfer their characters to other servers in the future to play with their friends, even if they play on a server of another region, as can be seen in this tweet. As a result, players should be able to experience the new MMO and join together with their friends.

Players around the world have been confirmed by naturally confirmed and therefore created characters on any server, which did not have long waiting times. Finally, they could later transfer their character to the server of their friends with all progress. Why not exploit this nice offer of developers?

Now, Amazon has announced that the server transfer feature has been postponed one week backwards, as a few problems occurred during their tests. That s not bad and most players prefer to wait for a functioning system.

With the announcement of the shift, Amazon also declared that players can only switch to servers that belong to the same region.

In a FAQ in the official forums to New World, the developers themselves are wondering: So the former statement was that you can transfer to any server, right?

Unfortunately, the original information was wrong, explains Amazon. The Twitter post with the wrong information mentioned, however, is still visible.

Of course, some players have chosen an empty server out of their own region to avoid the long waiting times. Of course, these players feel like they were stuck and complain about wasted time. For example, the reddit user writes SeeekTankkill:

My group of friends is distributed to several regions because they have told us that we could change the worlds, and the queues were ridiculous in the first few days. So we decided to meet us later. That s frustrating and comes to a list already of frustrating things. Nobody wants to turn out his character again, that s a one-way street to the burnout.

A friend of mine has tormented from the beginning of Level 20 over Level 40, because he thought he could change to the region where the rest of us is located. Now it can be good that he is easy with the game Ends, writes the reddit user otterable.

Also, some users complained to Twitter and also in the official New World forums, users with this announcement were not satisfied, such as the user Dimeman:

I played the first week after the publication more or less from sunrise to sunset and accumulated about 100 playing hours. In no case I start again because of a misalignment of Amazon new. I liked the idea of ​​a kind of reparation in the form of double experience points, But that feels more like a pavement for an injury that would have to be sewn.

The community manager NW-Mugsy explained in a post that he will talk to the team about the possibility of region-to-region transfers. New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) is the first successful title of Amazon Games, so it is quite imagined that the developers will respond to the wishes of their community. At the same time, however, it has already been confirmed that server transfers will be possible through different regions, only to return. Maybe technical limitations are the reason for this decision.

Furthermore, players can not transfer their characters to already full servers and also no characters can be sent to servers on which player already own a character. New World players who created their character on another server than their friends, of course, must now make a fairly difficult decision. Either they continue to play their character, but can not play with their friends, or they start completely from the beginning. Of course, this only works if the destination server is not already full.

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09.10.2021 at 22:14

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