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The wars for territories are among the most important and most interesting players\-worldwide&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjIq_jf-73zAhXzUjUKHSMpDSQQFnoECAkQAg&usg=AOvVaw3XqbKx691l5U6QXgh7OJBN” title=”content of New World”>content of New World. But especially on American servers, seemingly nasty tricks are used to win them. So a lot of players are reported and locked so that they do not participate in such a war.

What happens because of the wars? How to report several users in Reddit, just before a war the strongest players of the enemy faction are reported massly at Amazon.

After that, the reported players first come to a preliminary 24-hour spell. However, this excludes them exactly from participation in the war.

This method is not just fair and accordingly large is the outcry in the community. New World has just introduced new was no ass rules.

24-hour spell, without having done something wrong

How do the players describe the situation? One of the first threads in Reddit came from a user on the server Rynnn on the east coast of the USA. This describes the situation as follows:

If you play on this server, you ve probably never seen my name, because I almost never posted in chat. I was banned for 24 hours due to annoying behavior . And just before the tomorrow s war of our company.

The incentive and rewards are huge, which is why it s just mass reporting. There is basically no chance that the tickets are checked before the war, so you can guarantee that several enemy players are taken from war. We already have 3 confirmed Bans, all of players on level 60.

Via Reddit

Later he updated his contribution, which the status of the ticket has changed from annoying behavior to cheating .

A user of Server Enoka was also blocked and has posted a corresponding screenshot in reddit:

The MSmithJR1993 user also reports from the apparently unjustified blocks and forthever demands that Amazon locks the players who exploit the system:

Alone 4 players on my server were reported in bulk. People use the reporting system as a weapon, though players actually have done nothing wrong. They will be held by war just because they stand on the enemy side of the factions.

Please say an exemple to you. Ban the players who misuse the reporting system and misunderstand other players. […]. Now goes before it becomes an even bigger problem than it s already.

Via Reddit

Overall, we have found messages of at least 30 blockages in reddit or in various discord. However, this method seems to be played above all on American servers.

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Why does it work? The players explain the situation that either an automatic promotion occurs or so many messages are missing that the support can not check them quickly enough.

That s why there is a preliminary 24-hour spell.

First players also report that they could play as usual after the 24 hours. Nevertheless, the blocking influenced the outcome of the war.

Currently there is no statement from Amazon to these blockages.

The wars for territories invite you to forge plans and intrigues. A guild manager has even decided to rob his guild and switch to the enemy group with the gold:

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