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In Stardev Valley, it s about to build a cozy farm to find friends and found a happy family. A fan wants to break the heart of each villagers instead.

Stardew Valley: Fan plays as a professional heartbreaker

There are 12 marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. While you put your own little farm in the tranquil village, you will get to know you one by one and friendly to you . If you understand well enough (and you regularly sundish gifts), maybe even the wedding bells ring.

However, the Reddit User Alarmed-Stage-7066 wants to remember in the village as a heartbreaker. His plan: Every single marriage candidate to marital, only to prevent themselves from them again . This cruelty seems to be in the family. In his post, the user writes that his 13-year-old daughter has proposed a trophy room by storing the favorite objects of the former spouses. Diabolic!

Fan celebrates 12 weddings and 12 divorces

The poor Shane has already been handled by Alarmed-Stage-7066, which is why his favorite food (a peperoni) is adorned with the trophy room. Next, Alex should be on the series now. The Mermaid Amulet, which is stopped in Stardew Valley around the hand of a villagers, is already equipped. In the comments, the heartbreaker also writes that he will ultimately put together with the essence of krobus . In the people of the city, he probably would not be particularly good.

If you have all the marriaful residents already used in Stardev Valley once, you can try Stardew Valley Extended . The mod expands the game by 25 NPCs, 32 places and much more.

Stardew Valley is also available for the Nintendo Switch:

A Stardew Valley player wants to be the biggest heartbreaker of the village . For this he marries all candidates just to separate themselves from them. He then collects her favorite items in a trophy room.

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