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To avoid the long queues at New World, many players and players try to stay permanently on the servers. However, this leads to even longer queues and denies others the opportunity to play.

It is a little paradox. To avoid the long queues at New World, many players and players just do not log out and stay in the game, though they do not even play. This in turn leads to longer waiting times, since actual inactive players and players do not leave the servers and so fewer people can get back from the queue.

new world does not want to be a queue simulator

Almost every one of you are probably already encountered, characters, the hours running against walls or perform repetitive actions. These are not bugs, but players and players who are actually afk, but do not want to leave the server, because otherwise they have to be in the queue again and that are damned long at New World.


new world: Server are overrun, Amazon already has a solution

Daniel Hartmann

As with almost every MMO, characters that are inactive for a long time are automatically kicked. At New World, that happened after a good 25 minutes, but now this timer should have been shortened to ten minutes, according to some reports. But this Auto-Kick only takes if you just walk around, so many are just walking towards walls. That looks like this:

Amazon wants to proceed against AFK scammers

Many players and players are frustrated that these people block places even though they do not play. Amazon Games also keeps this behavior for unacceptable and announced to act against this type of fraud. (Source: Amazon Games). On a new system is currently still working. It should then recognize AFK players and players and send back to the main menu at the first violation. With repeated conspicuous behavior, however, it should give harder penalties .

That gambling in this way are trying to escape long queues is customary at MMOS and was also partially observed in the closed beta of New World. Presumably, this AFK method makes only a rather small part of the long queues. The main cause of this is also quite simple: tens of thousands of people try to travel on servers who only have space for 2,000 people each.

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