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Free Fire has released a new OB30 update with new additional and tier reset. Clash Squad is one of the most exciting and fun modes in the game. Players can push their rank in the higher league in Slash Squad mode for better rewards and titles. This mode allows players to buy the set of their favorite weapon combo with the help of credit at the beginning of the match.

In this article, we discuss five best free fire characters in the struggle for the rank.

Clash Squad Season 9 Best Free Fire Eligible for Rank Push

5) Hayato

Hayato s Bushido Skills Clash comes very much in Squad mode. With your skills, the player can increase the armor penetration up to 7.5% for a lack of 10% in maximum HP. Upgrading Character to the highest level, the player can get 10% armor entry on the lack of 10% in his maximum HP.

4) Krono

Chrono Time Turner has an active skill. The skills allows the user to create a force area, which helps players to prevent 600 damage from opponents. Which players are inside the force area, they can shoot opponents with 5% improvement in their speed. At its initial upgrade level, the total duration of the skill is 3 seconds.

3) Dimitri

Dmitry Clash is another important option for players wishing to pursue their rank in Squad Season 9. His healing Hartbeat skills helps players to create 3.5mm healing zones. Inside the zone, the player can restore 3 HP per second. Simultaneously, the skill team helps in fixing themselves after knocking the companions.

2) A124

A124 skills are also very helpful in pushing the rank in Squad. Their skills are called thrill of Bart. Ability helps players to change their EP immediately in HP. At its early upgrade level, players can change 25 Energy Points to HP. Using skills, the player can achieve some essential HP in the battle of the gun.

1) DJ Alok

Prohibited from Cs Ranked Unable to Matchmake || Clash Squad Ranked Failed to Join a Match 23
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DJ Alok is one of the most demanding characters in Fire. Their drop the beat skill helps players to create a 5 mura aura in which the speed of the movement increases up to 10%. Those who are inside the player Aura can restore 5 HP for 5 seconds. He is one of the best characters in the game to pursue the high league.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal ideas of the author.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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