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A battle is an incident of battle in warfare between opposing military devices of any number or dimension. A battle normally contains several fights. As a whole, a battle is an army engagement that is well specified in duration, location, and pressure commitment. An interaction with only limited commitment between the pressures as well as without decisive results is occasionally called an altercation.
The word battle can additionally be made use of rarely to refer to a whole operational campaign, although this use considerably diverges from its conventional or normal significance. Normally, the word battle is utilized for such projects if referring to a protracted battle encounter in which either one or both of the contenders had the exact same techniques, resources, and critical objectives throughout the encounter. Some prominent instances of this would certainly be the Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Britain, and Battle of Stalingrad, all in Globe Battle II.

Wars as well as army projects are guided by military approach, whereas battles occur on a level of planning as well as execution referred to as operational movement. German strategist Carl von Clausewitz specified that the work of battles … to achieve the item of battle was the significance of method.

With the new version, which is now available for free in the AppStore and in the Playstore, it will be even more exciting at every matchday. In the Battle you are attracting every matchday against an enemy opponent. The prerequisite is that both counterparts with the first game are 11 players and at least reach the third level.

With the new Battle feature, a mega prize money beckons of up to 50,000,000 Matchday Euro. installation

Which installation does the opponent have? Bank secret as a possible key

The aim is to attract seven battles in a row and to the mega prize money of 50,000,000 euros. But already on the way there you get attractive rewards in the form of cash prizes and progress points (XP). Just click on the MatchDay crown menu, then click your Level display and wipes the screen with your trophies once to the left and you can already display your Battle progress.

You want to know how strong your opponent is? No problem! From now on you can use the spy card to look at the installation of other players. The bank mystery remains preserved. It means: You only see the players who have set up your opponents, but not their spare players. The more often you will spy out, the more XP you get.

With the spy card it is possible to look at the installation of other players. installation

Present your list of your counterparty

You are victorious? Then show the world with which troupe you want to win the Matchday with the new function Share list . Simply click in the screen with your list on the square with the arrow right at the top, select the platform for sharing – done. So you can ensure fear and terror in your group before the matchday. Or present yourself in the social networks as a top trainer.

In addition, you can now display the average points of your team in the installation screen. Simply select the crossed circle from the left side of the square for sharing the installation.


Daily login will be rewarded more

So that you have even more fun between two matchdays, there is also player usage cards in the daily rewards. So it s worth it from now more often in the MatchDay app.

We wish all old and new manager players have fun with the new matchday version. If you have questions, please contact us via installation-Matchday.com/support, on Twitter: @installationmatchday, Instagram: @installationmatchday or Facebook: facebook.com/installationmatchDay/

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