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World of Warcrafthat one of his most protracted success drastically nerfed. This is especially true the players, the time and energy put into it.

The original release of patch 9.1, prisons of authority is, in World of Warcraft was a while ago. But what can be seen that all was not perfect with the content right? Among other things, this small point: A success which basically just says games all content has not been achieved even after months by most players.

What is this success? The success of In the offensive (On the offensive) is one of the great meta-achievements for Korthia and the throat. To get the success, the players have to deal with nine different tasks. This includes:

United Front: Closes all four Pact attacks in the throat from.
In jailer stash: Opens hidden during the attack of Nachtfae 10 plan chests.
This army: Complete the quest ? You and what army once with each of the five champions from.
Grab bag: Opens 10 different maw bound chests during Necrolord attack.
The Zovaalzer: Dance near 5 different forging in Zovaals boiler while you hold a maw safe umbrella.
Uses attracts items that toothbreaker from the Torghast portal: hoarders of Torghast.
Fuchsig are: Finds Bandit each time he runs away.
Attacking and drinking tea: Served all special characters during Venthyrangriffs tea.
Krrprripripkraaks heroes: Heals each of the special characters during the quest Do not ask me how to spell that.

The crux of the matter: Even though it is really just a Play all new content -Achievement, it takes a long time mistaken complete success. This is because much of the necessary success is dependent on chance. For seven of the nine successes can only be completed when each one particular quest for a particular attack is active. Missing the quest, you have to wait again for 2 weeks and hope that it is active in the next attack. Guarantees but that is not, and some quest is not yet surfaced since the release of the patch.

What will be changed? Blizzard obtaining of success in a hotfix now dramatically simplified. It is no longer necessary to complete all 9 Kritieren. Instead, it is sufficient even if six of the nine criteria to be completed in total. That should move the success within reach for all current active players. Most who play since the launch of patch 9.1, will probably get success just at the next login to the game.

Why is so important to the success? The success is in charge of two mounts, waiting for the player for a long time. The first is the bracelet of Salarangor , one of the new hand -Mounts, can ride on the player – it is to the success of Breaking the Chains – a large meta-achievement, which is also the success of In the offensive contained.

The second mount is attached to the respective Pact of the player and the standard mount s that any pact got a special coloring in patch 9.1. You had awesome at the death of his advance – and have Breaking the Chains at the same time nor the meta-achievement.

Thus blocked this success almost two mounts.

More updates around World of Warcraft s here:

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Community reacts ambivalent: Many players are happy about the change, because the success was now simply credited in numerous cases. However, there are also a lot of dissatisfaction, because once again feel players who are successful have fought for months, cheated. So Oxyia writes in comments on wowhead:

[…] That is, you can success now in a few weeks do, at most. This happened after the success of last week could be completed. In other words, we re just idiots simply because we played the game and waited for months. […]

I am no expert, but players who devote their determination of a thing should be rewarded and not feel like idiots because requirements are subsequently systematically weakened for any reward – to keep everything for the desperate attempt, the versions running .

Did you ever get the success and the two mounts? Or even 6 of 9 requirements for you too much?

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