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A multiplayer computer Amazon is a video clip Amazon in which greater than a single person can play in the exact same video Amazon setting at the exact same time, either locally (e.g. Brand-new Super Mario Bros. Wii) or online over the Net (e.g. World of Warcraft, Telephone Call Of Obligation). Multiplayer video Amazons usually need players to share a single Amazon system or use networking technology to play together over a better distance; players might contend against one or more human participants, work cooperatively with a human partner to attain an usual objective, or monitor other players activity. Because of multiplayer video Amazons allowing players to communicate with various other people, they provide a component of social communication missing from single-player video Amazons.

After many extensions, the large-scale of Amazon Amazons, the Amazon new world finally launched a formal version this week, and poured nearly 700,000 players simultaneously online. Steam The platform is the highest in the same number of people this year. But unfortunately, about half of the players have the opportunity to enter this Amazon in the first time, and the remaining players must wait in the length of the queuing, resulting in a large number of negatives on Steam on Steam. Filling.

Even so, some players are voluntarily squeezed into these popular servo. Among them, the most popular Meixi Server El Dorado needs to wait for 20,000 players queues. As for other Meixi servors, although they need to queue, the highest will not exceed 100 people, even there are still few completely. A untenit servo that needs to be queued.

According to the netizen sorted server list , many well-known live main will choose to play in the EL Dorado server, the very high-popular Shroud is ranked, this also explains why there are so many players Grab the head wants to enter this server.

Part of the United States, the highest number of queues of Valhalla servers also reached 24,000. Although there is no official certification from Amazon, many PVP guilds are recognized as official designated PVP service.

Although the above servo is attracted to a large number of players, other servo, other servo, often popped up.

Not only the Americas have such a situation, even similar problems in Europe. According to the information disclosed by the non-official website New World Status, the players who have lined up in the European district of Peaks once once, causing a list of European servers that temporarily unable to obtain the European server. Even if you have a little relieved, you have a maximum of 220,000 queues at the time of 8 to 9 o clock in the evening.

According to Amazon, the official goal is to let all players will be able to log in to the Amazon smoothly and promise to continue to open the server while continuously increases the highest player capacity of the server in future tests. On the other hand, for those New World players who are still trapped in length, Amazon suggests that the number of servo enters the number of people, and provides free transfer services within two weeks.

As for Asia, because there is no Asian server, let players must play Amazons with high PING value. In addition, there is no way to go to the bargaining, and the player is not satisfied. The original price is TC 999 yuan, and now it has been reduced to 568 yuan, the luxury version is only 698 yuan, all of which are lower than the original price, becoming one of the reasons for players.

In the event of a New World , the player s player system is not limited to the official name and other official names such as Amazon in July this year. This official seems to be adjusted in the official version. According to foreign media PC AmazonR test, New World official version of the creation angle, in addition to some obvious swearing and discrimination terms, it is impossible to use Amazon or the name of the company s Jeffrey Bezos . Of course, you can still use some letters to reach a similar effect, which is better than JEFFB , Bez0s or Be ZOS , but has been registered by other players.

Reference Original: PC AmazonR

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