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Players who are currently playing New World must be sitting in the worst case for a few hours in a queue. Of course you have to have time for something like that. Sure, in the meantime, other things can be done, but if you have only a few hours a day for video games, then New World is currently not the best choice.

The fact that so-called casuals should be kept away from the new MMO, the popular Twitch Streamer Shroud thinks. According to him, New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) No game that you just play an hour every day. This would be suspended forever from the other players:

All those who just do not have the time for the game should simply stay away from it.

If you do not have the time for it, then do not play it, if you can play video games for one hour a day, I do not think you ll create it until the end.

Shroud continued to explain that casual players remain behind the other players after reaching the maximum level, as the developers will introduce new content, zones, and objects sooner or later.

To make New World a little friendlier for casual players, the streamer suggested that the developers implement a kind of catch-up mechanism. Something in the way is currently not available in the game, which is why players have to see players with less time that they hang a little behind.

This statement is the exact opposite of Shroud s opinion in July of this year. Here he still told that New World was pretty interesting for casual players, as it is quite free in his activities. According to the streamer, the title should find success, where World of Warcraft is currently fails.

Since the title is currently great popularity, many casual players are definitely interested in the new MMO. Finally, casuals represent the majority of the games of most video games. Whether the developers can keep this huge amount of players in a mood, will only show the future.

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