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Amazon games New world is now available, and if we rely on the number of simultaneous players, that launch has been quite successful. However, many players have had difficulty entering the game due to stress on servers, resulting in long waiting times. The nuevo world The team responded to those problems once and on Tuesday, but in a second response, it gave a more detailed explanation of its plans and promised that players would have the opportunity to jump free servers in the future if they want to relocate.

The second update on the state of nuevo world The servers were shared on Tuesday shortly after the launch of the game. The team rated the support to the game seen until now as incredible , while recognizing the long waiting times that players have been experimenting and what he plans to do about it.

We understand that some players are experiencing prolonged waiting times and we are working hard on some things to help address these problems, said Launch Day Update said. We will continue to install additional servers and expand the ability of our existing servers once we have properly tested these changes».

That is what is happening now, but as for the future of nuevo world, the players will soon have to decide if they want to stay where they are now or jump to a different server if the one they are still feels too busy. The new world team said they plan to offer a free server transfer within the next two weeks, but meanwhile, he advised players who begin to consider where they want to be.

Our only goal at this time is to make everyone initiate session and play quickly, the publication said. «To make sure everyone can find an open world now, and at the same time find a home in Aeternum with its long-term community, we will offer an opportunity in the next two weeks so that all players relocate their characters on a new server of your choice. without cost. We appreciate your patience as the new world community grows and we encourage you to consolidate your long-term server plans for you and your company .

New world is now available on the PC platform with more news on the servers and waiting times are expected as the situation improves. We should see more about the plans for server transfers in the coming weeks.

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