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On September 28 at 8:00 am our time celebrated his release. However, the MMO started only with European servers. Nevertheless, it was already able to break the player s record from the beta and rose directly into the top 3 in the game numbers of Steam.

Update 14:20: New World currently has over 450,000 simultaneous players. Thus, the MMO is in place 2, right behind CS: Go with 575,000 players.

How many players has New World? According to the website SteamDB, at 10:30 am our time, 233,821 players at the same time online tendency. The numbers update at about an hour delay.

This broke the record from the beta of almost over 200,000 simultaneous players.

Since 8:00 am, New World can be played over the platform Steam and the number of players can be exactly followed by the API.

About the release, the queues and the game numbers we keep you up to date on Meinmmo in our live ticker: New World is online – live ticker to release, servers and queues.

New player numbers record on Steam – there is still half of the world missing

Why is the number impressive now? There are currently only European servers for New World. Players from America can board from 14:00 (east coast) and 17:00 (West Coast) with their own worlds. Also for Australia specific servers are only started later at night.

Since it is still early in the morning in Europe and in America most players are currently sleeping, the onslaught is likely to be significantly larger in our evening hours.

Good possible that New World then also overtakes the other top games on Steam.

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new world rises directly in 3th place in the charts

Where is New World on Steam? With currently just under 230,000 players, New World is busy 3 in the Steam Charts.

Only Dota 2 (about 320,000 players) and CS: Go (430,000 players) are from Amazon s new MMO.

Both games could be overtaken during the day.

new world immediately number 1 on Twitch

How is New World on Twitch? Also on Twitch it works well for New World. Currently, the game with 391,000 spectators is the largest of the streaming platform.

The categories Just Chatting follow with 138,000 spectators and Apex legends with 135,000 spectators.

But even on Twitch, many international and big streamers are not live yet. Asmongold, who spent a lot of time in New World in the beta, is waiting for the release in America. The currently largest streamer is Fextralife with 45,000 spectators.

Again, we will keep an eye on the numbers in the course of the day.

How do you experience the release of New World? Have you already been able to play or is yours in queues?

Everything about the new MMO and the contents can be found in our great overview: Everything about the new MMO New World of Amazon – Release, Beta, pre-order, gameplay.

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