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Just in time at 08:00 in the morning, this morning the servers of New World Online gone. If you log in the first time, you have to decide for a server, and there s a whole lot for it. On many of the offered realms you have to expect long queues. At the time of the news constitution, about almost 13,000 players are sitting in the queue for the server Styx. Hyperborea stands with 10,000+ players. Ravenal at almost 9,500 players and many more at a four-digit queue. Accordingly, many servers have therefore already been marked high. But there are also a few realms that stand for means or low.

Fitting to the launch, the developers have once again published an update that had some adjustments and hotfixes in their luggage. For example, the resrawn rate of various quest bosses in the open world was reduced to prevent waiting times. The scaling for the open-world PVP has been adjusted so that the level difference of characters no longer affects itself so much, and the game now has a streamer mode , with which your notifications and requests can be permanently hiding.

Release Notes for Launch of New World

World Experience


Fixed The Following To ResPawn Council For Named Ai That Are Required For Quest Completion:
Master Henry
Gheist Maliko
Pastor Walsh


Fixed A Bug That CAUSED Completing Certain Side Quests Coulder Block Players from Being ABLE to Advance The Quest Corruption Encroaching .
Addressed at Issue Where by resetting The Ritual Quest, Players Would Lose The Heartgem Needed to Complete The Quest.
Updated Barkimedes Quests to Address at Issue Where Players Could Leave Mid Expedition and Stockpile Quest Items for Extra Quest Turn-ins.
Unlocked The Main Story Quests After The Depths Expedition – The Main Story Will Now Take Players All The Way to Shattered Mountain.
Various Vo and Text Fixes and Tweaks.


Fixed to Issue in The Windsward Survivor Quest Where Sometimes The Quest Toold Not Update When Aproaching The Watcher.
Fixed to Issue Kausing Hapless Howe Animations to Not Play Correctly.


Notable bug fixes

Fixed Multiple Bugs Preventing Ai FROM Properly Leashing OR Spawning in Invalid Areas


Notable bug fixes

Fixed to Issue That Caused Players to Become Permanently Stuck in The Exhausted State.
Speed ​​Hack Prevention Added.
Fixed to Issue That Caused was to get stucco in The Setup Phase.
Fixed to Issue That Allowed Players to Receive PVP Rewards from Duels by Drowning After The Duel Is Complete.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED PVP Flag to Stay Active in Sanctuaries IF The Player Dodge Rolled Across the Border.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED The Iced Refresh Perk From The Ice Gauntlet to Activate From Abilities Other Than The Mighty Spike Ability.
PVP Damage Scale Adjusted to Lesse The Gap Between High / Low Level Players.

Economy / Progression / Rewards

Notable bug fixes

Fixed to Issue That Allowed Players to Use The Item Hotbar to Duplicate Items.
Fixed to Issue That Caused T4 and T5 Azoth Staves to Be Unavailable.
Fixed to Exploit WHERE A was declaration Mechanic Could be used to duplicate coin.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED A Player s PVP Reward Value Did NOT RESET IF THEY RESPAWNED AT A CAMP.
Adjusted The Recall Function in The Game Menu to Enable Players to Recall to the Watchtower of the Beach They Started at. After Binding To Inn The Recall Function wants Return Players to That Inn.


Streamer Mode

WE Added A New Streamer Fashion That Will Allow Streamers and Players to Hide Notifications and Avoid Interaction With Other Players To Improve Their Overall Experience While Playing the Game.
Players CAN Turn On Streamer Fashion in the Following Ways:
Slash Commands in Chat: / Busy or / Dnd
The New Social Tab in The Settings Menu

Polish and New Additions

VoIP IS Now Disabled for the First 3 Hours After Character Creation to Limit Poor Voice Behavior.
Activated Twitch Spotlight and Twitch Sub Army features.

Red dead online legit players movement and pvp training

Notable bug fixes

Fixed to Exploit That Allowed Players to Take PVP Missions Without Being Flagged (Via Exploiting Dueling)
Fixed to Exploit That Allowed Companies to Be Beble to Repeatedly DECLARE was During The Invasion Lockout Period (But Before The Invasion Was Scheduled) to Duplicate Coin from refunded was Declaration Costs.

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