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New World Aim to be the first great success of Amazon Games and at last its premiere has been confirmed for all players. However, the MMO has received a few changes with respect to their test versions. A launch patch that tries to refine the final product and may surprise you if you have played the beta and you have not seen the possible changes that the game would receive. A perfect reading while you wait for the foreseeable tail time due to the collapse of the servers.

Changes to the NEW World Universe

Next, we go there with all the modifications that the game has received in this launch patch …


Corrections have been carried out in the reappearance rates of the following NPCs required Paracomplete missions:

Master Henri.
Maliko Gheista
Pastor Walsh.


Now the mission Invasion of Corruption works properly.
Now the mission El Ritual works properly
Updated the Barkimedes missions to solve a problem that allowed players to accumulate excessive resources.
Unlocked the main history missions after the expedition the depths . Now the players can reach the top broken.
Solved an error in the mission of unique survivor guardian.
Corrections to the texts and voices of the missions.


A problem was solved that prevented Hapless Howe animations would work properly.

Artificial intelligence

Fixed several errors that prevented the IA from raging or appeared correctly in invalid areas.

Settings at combat

Mostly, they have corrected a few problems that prevented them from adequately enjoying the fights.

Removable error corrections

Solved a problem that made players stay exhausted permanently.
Added an antitrampa system to avoid supervelocity hacks.
Fixed a fault that made the war declaration stuck in the configuration phase.
Solved a problem that allowed players to receive PVP rewards of the duels drowning after their end.
Fixed a problem that made the PVP flag stay active in the sanctuaries if the player who dodged crossed his border.
Fixed a failure that made the ice cream refreshment of the ice gauntlet activated from different skills to powerful peak.
Scale of PVP damage adjusted to reduce the gap between high-level and low players.

Economy Progress and rewards

Adjustments to obtain rewards in different scopes.

Removable error corrections

The quick access bar can no longer be used to duplicate elements.
Fixed an error that made the T4 and T5 of Azoth Staves were not available.
Eliminated a vulnerability that a war declaration mechanics could be used to achieve coins.
Solved a failure that caused a player s PVVP rewards value from not restored if he reappeared in a camp.
Adjusted the Function Retrieve in the game menu to allow players to return to the initial watchtower or to a Posada.

Social improvements

Guests of the new functions, the quality of life and the bug correction, the New World launch patch has also adjusted some of the social functions.

Streamer mode

Players can activate Streamer mode to enjoy their hidden games notifications or avoiding undesired interactions. There are two options for your activation:

Bar commands on the chat: / busy or / dnd
The new Social tab on the Setup menu

Improvements and new additions

Reduced from 30 to 15 the days of absence allowed by a governor before it is automatically replaced by a consul.
VoIP is now disabled during the first 3 hours after the creation of the character to limit the bad behavior in the voice chat.
Twitch Functions Spotlight and Twitch Sub Army enabled.

Removable error corrections

An exploit was corrected that allowed the players to do PVP missions without being marked.
An exploit was corrected that allowed the companies to declare the war several times during the invasion blocking period to double coins for the cost declaration costs with reimbursements.

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