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Day one of New World has published Patch 1.0 and contains extensive changes and corrections listed in the patchoties below. New World is the latest MMO from Amazon, the players give the opportunity to explore the fictional land of the island of Aternum. As the name suggests, New World is borne in colonization topics and takes the players in searching to conquer new countries and defend their territory in front of others. The patchotes are long and contain a number of smaller and larger improvements for the game. Patchotias are in a contribution of the community manager on the official New World Forum. There are many bug fixes in terms of quests, ki and fighting.

Newr World Day One Patchotes

Patch 1.0 has made many supplements and adjustments to New World, as the patchotes revealed. They are as follows:


The following respawn rates for named KI required for the completion of the quest were resolved: Master Henry, Gheist Maliko, Pastor Walsh

Canada, U.S., and Mexico bid selected as 2026 FIFA World Cup host


An error has been fixed, which led to the conclusion of certain side quests awarded players from continuing the quest penetrating corruption .
A problem has been resolved where players lost the heartboy when resetting the quest Ritual , which was needed to complete the quest
Barkimedes quests updated to resolve a problem where players left during the expedition and store quest items for additional quest inputs
The main story quests after the expedition the depths unlocked – the main story leads players now to the shattered mountain
Various corrections and optimizations for VO and text


It has been fixed a problem in the windsward quest single survivor , where the quest has not been updated sometimes when approaching the guard
A problem has been resolved, which led that Hapless Howe animations were not played correctly


Fixed several bugs that prevented the KI in invalid areas correctly acid or spawn


It has been fixed a problem that led to players remained permanently stuck in the exhausted state
Speed-hack prevention added
It has been fixed a problem that led to stuck in the setup phase
A problem has been resolved, through which player could receive PVP rewards from duels by driving after completing the duel
It was resolved a problem that led to the PVP flag in sanctuers remained active when the player rolled over the border
It has been fixed a problem that activates the ICED Refresh Perk of the Ice Gauntlet of other skills as the ability Mighty Spike
PVP damages scale adapted to reduce the gap between players with high / low level

Swirtschaft / progress / bonus

It has been fixed a problem that the player could use the Item Hotbar to duplicate items
It has been fixed a problem that led to the T4 and T5-Azoth Staves were not available
An exploit has been resolved, in which a war declaration mechanics could be used to duplicate coins
It has been fixed a problem that led to the PVP reward value of a player was not reset when rewarded in a camp
The callback feature in the game menu has been adjusted so that players can call back to the beach of the beach they started. After binding to an inn, the callback function players back to this inn

UX / UI / Social

A new streamer mode has been added, which allows streamers and players to hide notifications and avoid interactions with other players to improve their overall experience during the game
The number of days that a governor must be absent before a consul is automatically replaced from 30 to 15 days
VoIP is now disabled for the first 3 hours after character creation to limit bad language behavior
Activated features of Twitch Spotlight and Twitch Sub Army
An exploit has been fixed, which allowed players to complete PVP missions without being marked (over the exploitation of duels).
An exploit has been fixed, which enabled companies, during the invasion barrier time (but before the invasion was planned) repeatedly to declare war to duplicate coins from reimbursed war declaration costs

As can be seen, there were numerous changes to the gameplay and the quality of life. These include PVP adjustments aimed at reducing the gap between players at a high and low level. In addition, a streamer mode has been added, with which you can hide notifications and interactions with other players during the stream. Fortunately, the developers had a long open and closed beta to identify all errors and note all the widening changes to the quality of life. New World is now available on the PC.

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