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Salda Legend : Wilderness has been launched for a while, many faithful players continue to discover new stations. At the beginning of this year, there was a guardian who had a successful arrow to shoot 1,400 meters away. Now there is a master to increase this high-end sniper to 2,600 meters.

When the Bow Sniper Challenge, the player must reward the enemy far from the horizon of the world. However, the length of shooting is long, the player needs to measure the angle of the arrow in advance. To accurately measure the distance to trigger the air step by the rumor to challenge the air step, it can be said that the pre-homework is quite complicated.

After the distance is taken, it is the moment of staged shooters. Some people may be confused, the arrow is shot, how do you know if there is any shot?

The combined binding of bullets and the air stepping shield, track the arrows in the air. The player of 2,600 meters sniper new disorders is set, and the new flying fly to use recent broadcast. Direct handheld objects and continue to shake the left side than the rocker and accelerate the target.

Handheld items New Flying Factory Demonstration Film

Finally, before going to the destination

In order to hit such an arrow, I took a total of 5 hours before and after the ゆき の. As in the future, have there any opportunity to write a farther distance? According to the ゆき ゆき ん さ ん, if the high and low differences have been taken in, there is a chance to shoot to the target of 4 km. Perhaps the majority of players continue to hood, and some people will create a new record.

Source: AUTOMaton

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