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Ranking in Free Fire is no easy task. As the players reach high levels, the combat becomes difficult, and the skill gap between the players increases even more.

As long as the player reaches Platinum and Diamond, they are ready to defeat due to not getting enough points. Thankfully, half the lobby is an easy way to earn points without the need to eliminate.

Top 5 Tips For Free Fire Players To Rank Fast Without An Invantastic Game Style

5) Survive as long as possible

The goal of any br game is to survive as long as possible. The same rules also apply on free fire and the players can earn points from this method. While receiving the maximum marks can be obtained by receiving the boom, it is also a suitable way to survive as long as possible.

While survival is not an easy task, seeing that anti-eradication is looking for, there are some ways to achieve this impossible task. Players need to be carefully played and cautious.

4) Only then include opponents when confident about a eradication

While playing not aggressively means less points, it does not mean that players should avoid completely quarrel. The easiest way to earn points in the ranked free fire match is to eliminate opponents.

However, while trying to eliminate an opponent, players need to be cautious. Should be avoided at every cost to run the camper or escape in the open terrain. Players should connect only with opponents when a different combat benefit could be seen.

3) Looted during the beginning and middle game

Players can never be looted enough in free fire. This is a continuous process that runs till the end of the match. While many people consider looting a basic need, it is just beyond finding weapons to shoot.

For players looking for easy ways to rank in-game, it is important to survive by the end. To do this, lots will need a supply. It is not the only need to keep good weapons, because strategic items which provide players and health, they are also important.

2) Try to earn war score points by third party opponents

A good way to rank in Free Fire is to earn the battle score points. Players can only earn 10 points in each match by damaging opponents. However, while playing the passive game, the goal is to try and avoid 1vs1 fights and focus on third-party participation instead.

Although almost every player remains away from third party fights, it is an invaluable way by which the player can earn easy war score points. Usually there will be no problem to find players while shooting each other in ranking matches.

1) Stunning to stay in a safe area

One of the most important things that players need to do in spite of their game style, it is rotating in-game. Rotating is nothing reserved for professional players or seasoning veterans. This is an essential strategy that should learn how to learn how to be executed.

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By knowing how to roam effectively in Free Fire, the players will help to stay in a safe area and will be avoided by the opponents. The management of living in a safe area in each rank match will make it easier to survive.

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