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Free Fire is an exciting ranking system for players. There are many different levels with awards and titles.

There is a fan-favorite map in the Bermuda game. Where there is a good understanding gamer can easily reach high levels during the rank push. Players should be a good booty percentage for a good drop location while allowing players to conduct safe rotation.

Best drop position to rank fast in Bermuda map of Free Fire

1) Santosa

The first place is Satosa. This area is chopped from the main island and the percentage of loot is higher.

Users can quickly get their favorite weapons and enter safe areas. However, they need to be careful of the camping enemies on the other side of the island.

2) Peak

The second place to land during the push is peak in Push Free Fire. It is one of the most strategic and strategic places for players. Peak is in the center of the map, and the player can rotate better in the safe part of the zone.

The percentage of loot is also good, and the player can get his recommended weapons and other accessories in a few minutes.

3) Mars Electric

Mars Electric likes a passive game style which is an important landing spot for those players. It is located below the map, and there are not many players here.

Therefore, it is an excellent place for those who prefer to survive till the last areas of the game.

4) Shipyard

The list of the best landing spots for the rank push is the fourth position shipyard. It is one of the most hot drops on the Bermuda map, and most aggressive gamers like to get down.

This is the best quality loot in this area and they prefer to catch this loot for themselves.

5) Hangar

The last place where the player can go when the rank is pushed in the high league, hanger. This is an open area and there is a lot of loot here.

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Due to being an open area, users can see others quickly and can easily take them down. Located in the site center and helps players to rotate safe in the zone.

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