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Some older players may remember the Adult Visual Novel Tsukihime published by Studio Type-Moon in 2000. Eight years later, a remake was announced, which then disappeared from the screen – until now. A few days ago, the game returned under the title Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon and should appear in 2021, 13 years after his announcement.

Tsukihime-Remake comes 13 years after announcement

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According to a message from Siliconera, among other things, the former director of the Adult Visual Novel, Kinoko Nasu returns to the remake. Furthermore, further parts of the original team should also be involved in the new edition. These include about Hirokazu Koyama, who participates as a kind of director, as well as Takahashi Takeuchi as a character designer of the factory. In addition, Type-Moon published a new trailer and screenshots to remake that you can see below.

At the center of the story of Tsukihime , Oberschäuer Shiki Towno, who had almost died a few years ago. Since this experience he has a special gift: he can see so-called Death Lines of people and objects. Draws this with a sharp object, this leads to death or the destruction of the person / object. In the course of history, Shiki is getting deeper and deeper into a strange adventure and ventilates secrets from his own mysterious past.

Developers and Publisher Type Moon originally published the Adult Visual Novel Tsukuhime in 2000 for the PC. Three years later, an anime adaptation, which was produced in the studio J.C.staff ( Food Wars! Shokukeki No Soma , One Punch Man Season 2 ), and a manga implementation.

Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is expected to appear in the summer of 2021 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Whether the title is also to be published in the West is currently unknown.

Are you looking forward to that the Tsukihime reMake appears now?

Further messages to Tsukihime.

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