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RAID (; Repetitive Range of Economical Disks or Repetitive Selection of Independent Disks ) is a data storage space virtualization technology that integrates several physical hard disk components into one or even more rational devices for the objectives of data redundancy, performance enhancement, or both. This remained in contrast to the previous idea of very reputable data processor disk drives described as single huge expensive disk (SLED). Information is dispersed across the drives in one of a number of methods, described as RAID degrees, relying on the needed degree of redundancy as well as efficiency. The different plans, or data circulation layouts, are named by the word RAID complied with by a number, for example RAID 0 or RAID 1. Each system, or RAID level, provides a different balance amongst the key goals: dependability, accessibility, performance, and also ability. RAID levels higher than RAID 0 offer security against unrecoverable field read errors, as well as against failings of entire physical drives.

When an expansion in WoW is over, lose a lot of content suddenly their relevance. But that does not apply to the various raids. Thanks to systems like Transmogg, various rare mounts or pets even years still flock after the end of raids plenty of heroes through the old raid instances and knock the bosses to shreds.

Naturally, these are then, however, very, which is a lot less players than in the past, finding a group of heavily. However, since it is old content, it also needs no whole group. The vast majority of old raids can even be done solo by the players. There are a few exceptions. Again and again we find Boss mechanics that make it extremely tricky if you have any players around. How is one to fill two bosses at a distance of 40 meters from each other, for example, all alone? Therefore, Blizzard attacks here at some point and changes bosses. And that s what s happening now finally with the raids of WoW (now Buy 14.99 €) Legion.

First adjustments in the night fortress and Antorus

In the first steps easier Blizzard the real roadblocks Legion raids.

Night fortress
Gul dan
In the final phase of the mythical struggle the target is no longer stunned Shadowy look now. This you do not run more risk that you are stunned permanently after the second or third application, and you can not fight back. That makes the fight much easier.
Antorus, the burning throne
Imonar the Soul Hunter
Hunters, Warlocks and Death Knight happy that the boss now not sleep canister raises more on them if they thereby have a companion. Solo players already do not have to deal with the sleep canister because it does not affect him when he finds only one goal up.
The Circle of Shivarra
It starts the battle solo, then the ability pact Shivarra not worked. In order for you this fight now solo contest to create 99 percent less damage without most of the time.
The recoil effect of Reinforced flame-section should be weakened actually by inside face several players, was extremely weakened on the PTR for 9.1.5. That ye be not from the platform swept if you cause too much damage and the impact this does not escape can. So the fight is not yet but a lot easier for a light for granted.
soul Snapping Sense Although still stacks up to infinity, but now much more slowly. This you have in the final phase more time at some point no longer survive the incoming damage to her.

However, there are still a lot of bosses who are just as hard to do at least solo, as the already generften, but have not yet touched by the developers. These include the Devil Dogs of Sargeras or mainly alone hardly schaffbare Eonar the Life. Since the developers have only just begun with the adjustments, we can expect in the coming days and weeks probably still a number of changes.

source | wowhead; wowhead

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