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It has been four years since Stardev Valley has entered the games scene, and to celebrate this, the people of Concernedape have announced a full update. For the beginning there is a new final with a different visual style.

There is also new music that you can hear while you play the game. And the tracklist should also be quite low, with tons of music to enjoy.

Music in every game plays a big role for the total tone and the immersive qualities of the experience. Sometimes it s the music or sounds of a game that highlight it most.

With a lot of new music in Stardew Valley, it may feel like you play a new game. That s what the power of the audiopresentation constitutes.

Fish ponds also find entrance to this update and complement their available activities. Now you can enjoy the satisfaction to grab the perfect fish. If you like to fishing in the real world, you will probably find a lot to enjoy here.

There are also some new events where you can attend to further expand the core experience. With the added events you should now be very busy. There are also plans for another big update that coincides with the four-year anniversary of the game.

There are no details about what is included in this next update, but I would not be surprised if it was as strong as it was just published. If you re a fan of Stardev Valley, then prepare for your palms to rub together with each other.

Stardew Valley is available on Google Play and the AppStore for $ 7.99.

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