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The collective value is the essential element for the construction of your team and its evolution in FIFA s FIFA Mode (FIFA Ultimate Team). Indeed, if the beginner players focus on the cards, the level of collective will be the Key factor in creating and changing your dream team. Thus, this is the value that will prevent you from really using everything and anything in map but will also be a direct representation of the good construction of your eleven.

Feel free to consult our various guides was for more information on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode.

How does the collective value on was?

The collective on was more or less at the level of synergy between the different players of a training. Thus, in order to have a good level of collective in your team, it must have the following:

Players evolving at their main position
Specific synergies between nearby players (connected by a link)

The individual collective (at the player level) therefore begins with its position. If an attacker is placed in the field, he should see his collective level fall, thus limiting his values.

Note that it is possible to use elements was to change the position of your player. However, each change causes the loss of this element, causing a relatively large cost (several thousand credits) especially at the beginning of the season. In addition, the possible positions are limited, a mg will not be able to pass through a change of permanent position. On the other hand, it is possible in the process of moving a player to limit the penalty of his position, or change his position via your personal tactics .

But the collective value will also evolve if the links between the players are positive. To get a positive link, the two players must have:

Of the same nationality
Evolve in the same club
Or evolve in the same league

The Global Collective Value will therefore be composed of the total collective of each player. A score of less than 80 (out of 100) indicates that players are misplaced or the links are too often red.

Exceptions via special cards icons and was heroes

Here again, there are exceptions with the cards icons and the cards was Heros, a novelty of FIFA 22. The cards icons can be linked with any card on the game. Thus, the link Will be at least yellow with an icon card, allowing much more flexibility within your training was.

As for the cards was Heros , the latter will create a strong link with all the cards of the same championship it. Thus, the map of David Ginola will give a strong link with Renato Sanches, even if the latter does not evolve in the same club and do not have the same nationality.

The collective, how important it was in FIFA 22?

As in previous editions, the number of collective is the most important element of FIFA 22. Indeed, A bad score will reduce the value of your cards and thus reduce to nothing work from Optimization of your players.

Indeed, styles placed on your players make every sense only if the individual collective card. For example, a hunter element will not give a boost of +10 in speed without a collective, but a limited total. In addition, your replacements also lose a bonus related to style if the global team of the team is not 10.

We note on the example above, that players of several different leagues coexist without problem (yellow link) because of the same nationality. That s why a good card on was is also assessed because of his country. The more the country has good players through different championships, the easier it will be to use the players of this nation. In this regard, you can consult our guide to learn how to identify a Meta player on was 22.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on the collective value rather than spending hours buying and farming new players cards.

advice to improve the collective

Since the collective is obtained by placing the players at their actual position (unless you make a change) and depending on the different synergies between the cards, it is better to follow the following tips:

Favor the teams was composed of players of the 5 major European Championships or Grand Nations on FIFA 22
Use training limiting links on your cards where synergy is difficult
Anticipate your future eleven according to your current cards for the collective

It should also be noted that it is possible to improve the collective score via the choice of the coach if it shares the same nationality or championship as the majority of the players. But it is also possible to win by collective via The loyalty score : As soon as a player has participated in 10 meetings within the club, his individual collective score will be increased by a point.

The best trainings for the collective

Since it is possible, via your personal tactics, to play in a formation totally different from that of your base team, it is important to use training limiting your links to improve your collective.

Thus, the best trainings to increase the collective on FIFA 22 are usually:

A basic 4-3-3 or a variety of 4-3-3
A 4-2-2-2 If you have no player on the wings (allows you to link DU / CM per group of 3)
A 4-5-1 if your worshiors and lateral defenders benefit from strong links

If at first glance, the collective value seems to be a brake on the creativity of the teams on the mode was FIFA 22, the latter quickly becomes an excellent exercise for the players. Thus, you will learn quickly to master, both for your teams and for the realization of DCE. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides for was as well as our solutions to the DCE on our FIFA 22 portal.

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