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The success break through the chains have many WoW players for weeks in mind. After all, it is the meta success of patch 9.1. However, he was not lockable for a long time, as they also have to do various successes in the attacks of the packages, which were not always available due to the selected quests. Finally, most players still lacked the Zovaalzer \ – a lower success of in the offensive . However, this was finally playable in the past few days of the Kyrian attack, which of course many players directly completed. Then horror was great. For some players, the meta success was not credited because successes of other characters were not included. Others, in turn, did not receive the Mount hand from Salaranga as a reward despite success.

Blizzard reacts (exceptional) very fast

Normally, the players of WOW (now buy 14.99 €) long to resolve such bugs. In particular, since it is not a bug that somehow prevents further playing. A missing mount and / or a lack of success can be made a few weeks long. Blizzard, however, reacted again quickly and fixed the bug.

The developers adapted success to the fact that he should now actually work account and fix the mistake that prevented the receipt of the mount when success completed.

If you were affected by yourself last weekend, then Mount meanwhile had landed automatically in your collection. So before you open a ticket, prefer to look after. If you already have a ticket open, you will probably receive a standard response with the fixed bug in the near future. WOW: The chains break through – succeeds, blizzard responds (exceptional) Quick (1) Source: Wowhead Do you find it good that now such smaller bugs will be resolved immediately – or should the developers prefer to concentrate larger things ?


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