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The surge 2 gets a kinematic trailer essential to remind the fans it will be released on September 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The trailer gives a brief overview of the panoply of enemies that players will meet, like a gigantic spatial worm, angry robots and modified humans.

For those who played the first surge, The surge 2 will work about the same way, where it is based on science fiction âmes dark combat game. Players will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of combat forms depending on their style of play. The fight focuses on the speed with which players can dodge, manage their stamina and thwart their enemies. To improve and improve the armor and weapons of this game, players must dismember their opponents, aiming for specific parts of the body to take off the enemy fallen to the fight at the end of the fight.

The combat range will be wider and players will have to choose from five different types of weapons. These types of weapons will determine how a player manages conflicts, focusing on dodge or parade. In addition, the enemies will be much more difficult because they will coordinate to try to fight the player as an unity.

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Unlike the first game, players will have the opportunity to customize the appearance of their main character rather than using a default protagonist. The surge 2 takes place in a large city called Jericho, rather than in an abandoned factory full of robots. Although there are robots in the game, there are more humans than players can meet and interact during their travels.

You can pre-order The overvoltage 2 now from the company s website, Steam, Gamestop, Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store. The surge 2 released on September 24th.

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