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In a day or two, Obsidian Entertainment will release the 0.1.1 patch for Grounded, his survival game just out for PC and Xbox One. The game is in anticipated access, so it was expected to come with light or important or important problems that should be corrected over time.

However, it should be noted that Grounded actually works and we have seen titles interpret the anticipated access status in a much worse way. All the improvements implemented in this first update are only corrections and polishes, without any major error preventing users from playing.

One of the areas in which Obsidian has worked most is the matchmaking, that multiple users have not found particularly reliable at first. Backup games are also being developed and should no longer cause problems where you lose your occasional progression.

The complete modification log is published below.

Major problems

Changes to make search, participation and gaming accommodation more reliable with friends.
We have adjusted the management of the game failure.
Adding a way for players to solve the game problem by recording the player in the bad Xbox Live account on PC.
Fixed problems with Windows 7 and Windows 8 users who blocked when attempting to connect. These users should be able to load in the game after the update.
Fixed a crash when recording or loading and the autosave count in the options is set to 0.
We have implemented a hotfix for players who remained blocked on the welcome contextual screen and could not overcome it.
Correction of characters who were not backed up occasionally in backups. Unfortunately, we are not able to bring lost objects, but I hope this hotfix will prevent it from happening in the future.


Players will no longer be stuck in the centered canvases after destroying them.
Burg.L correction disappearing in some games if you attachage it, save and charging. Burg.l will appear in the games of which he disappeared, allowing players to interact again with him.
Restore the backup parts that have lost their progress status (for example, the doors of Oak Tree Lab no longer opening for players, Mysterious Machine does not allow players to press the buttons to finish the quest, The time being frozen, etc.) After updating the game, players should be able to load in their game and continue to progress. If this problem is reproduced, the backup disconnect, then reloading should solve the problem and allow you to continue playing.
Fixed a problem with the endless spawning larvae over time. The larvae also reproduced each time a spike trap was constructed. Players who have encountered this problem are invited to start a new part to avoid problems that may occur because of the increase in the appearance rate of larvae.
Fixed a problem where the durability of all the objects in your inventory wrongly indicated full when loading into a game as a client.
We have implemented a hotfix for a problem where the games that have been recorded before Raw Science starts to appear, prevented Raw Science from appearing later. It also included an update for a problem with the spawning raw science after the analysis and collection by additional players during the join. For this reason, players can notice that the gross science they had previously collected reappeared.
Fixed planting when loading a saved portion dealing with ant colonies.
Deleting the Kill Mosquito Burg.l quest not retroactive: Players will have to talk to Burg.L to give up this quest. Then on the next day of play, you can talk again to Burg.l to accept a new quest.
Found the cause of the problem where to attempt to cook / dry an object location Not applicable would plant the game.
We found a hotfix for the occasional crash caused by dew drops containing objects. It also included a fix for exploding dew drops and causing significant FPS declines on customers.
Fixed a problem where clients dragging items from one location in a storage basket to another did not reflect the host causing desynchronization of items.
Storage baskets and smoothie stations have disabled the possibility of interacting with multiple players at the same time until other desynchronization issues we are working on are resolved.
The block tutorial now only plays once
Improved Wolf Spider Hearing and Investigation IA to infiltrate less frequently on the player.


Changes to the user interface made to the Sca.B operating system screen.
Correction of the trail markers not appearing on the card and an additional hotfix added to prevent the game from planting if you were trying to go through them in the legend.
Flickering of the edges of the screen Reduced on Xbox One and Xbox One S under load.

Despite being so small and unexpected from a Specialized Developer in the RPG, Grounded has been a success when leaving, being already played by a million users.

This led Obsidian to engage even more in the post-exit plan, which should bring the first extension to about one month of the initial launch.

The developer also works on a brand new RPG in the first person called Avowed, who should be about the same ladder as Skyrim when it comes out on PC and Xbox Series X.

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