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A new game on Steam combines items from Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Diablo. You can both build, explore fighting and relax on your farm. Here you get the main information about Len s Island.

STARDEW-VALLEY alternative can also action

In Len s Island calls the island adventure. The Steam game combines elements from Stardew Valley and Diablo. Even if it is only on 5 . November 2021 should appear , the game has already won some fans thanks to a first trailer.

But what is it all in Len s Island? According to the product description on Steam, you start a new life on a beautiful island on which it is also dark secrets . On the island you can build your own house and grow various plants in the garden, which you can either sell to the villagers or use in combat. In the caves, however, the peaceful island atmosphere ends and you have to explore dangerous dungeons, combat monsters and of course gather Loot.

Len s Island already found many fans

With the fans, the mix comes from building and fighting very well. Under the trailer on YouTube you write that you can not wait to play. Especially the atmospheric graphic is praised . The User Jimjim writes that Len s Island looks like the baby from Diablo and Minecraft, which was allocated by the Sims. The User Helikonix is ​​also looking forward to finally playing a construction game that does not look as super cute as Stardew Valley.

If you love exactly this sweet look, you can see Stardew Valley here for the Switch:

A new game on Steam already finds fans before it appeared. Len s Island mixes the Peaceful building and farms from Stardew Valley with the control and fighting from Diablo. Len s Island will be published on 5 November 2021 on Steam.

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