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Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters-Berlin will be held in Berlin, Germany, September 10, 202, 2021 (Fri), September 20, 2021. From Japan, two teams of professional gumming team Zeta Division , CRAZY RACCOON are participating.

CRAZY RACCCOON’s first match has been earned through 2 maps to DAY2, GAMBIT ESPORTS for 2 rounds and defeated defeats with a large difference. However, in the Haven Liberty in DAY5, the Japan team will win the first world tournament and realized a match with Gambit Esports again.

Liberenge Match to revenge Match aimed at the group stage, CRAZY RACCOON started the victory of the pistol round and the clutch of NETH players, and showed a confident battle. Map2 Ice Box brings up to overtime, and it is hard to defeat with map score 0-2. I finished a trip in Berlin.

In the magazine Game SPARK, we interviewed Fisker players immediately after finishing the second Gambit ESPORTS battle. This paper delivers this pattern.

Thank you. First of all, thank you for today’s game. It was a game with a hot deployment that sweats in the hand, but please give me an impression after the game after today.

Thank you for Fisker. That’s right, there’s only a bad idea.

-What change did you change compared to the first fight with Gambit ESPORTS?

FISKER The first Gambit ESPORTS game was very tense for the team, and it was a game that had no one who has been prepared and prepared at all. This game was its original figure and I was able to fight so that there was no tension and no regret.

ー ー ー ー ー ー でき でき でき 出 出 100%?

Fisker players are not out of out. I think I can still get. Yes, but there was a shallow part. I think that we will make 100% of the power of the World Congress to make use of this experience.

ー ADE players answered that Gambit Esports first focused on Gambit Esports first match , but did you make correction and coordination well?

Fisker players are, most of the communications were fixed, but we have made the number of mouths and thoroughly share information that they do not want to interrupt communication.

  • What kind of information was specifically shared?

Fisker athletes Where do you have any agent or what skills have used, but everything you are looking at, up to a fine place, such as how to go up / down.

Wevellin thinks that a scrim with other regions has also been realized. Did you feel the difference from Japan region?

Fisker players and still tactics. Area control was polite and tactic matching was very beautiful.

ー ー ー What exercises or assembling should be a team to exceed them

Fisker athletes Much of the team’s chopsticks should be studied, but it is important to further increase the gaming understanding. In addition to getting as knowledge from the video of the tournament, I think that if you increase handbooks such as how to deal with each scene, you can fight in the world.

ー Fisker player himself, it is approximately three months after transfer to CRAZY RACCOON, but do you catch a sense of fit to a team that takes seven people, and how do you capture changes in the environment?

I have no choice but to improve the chronicity. I stepped on the number of places to fix the problem, and I’m experiencing and I’m in the team. After entering CRAZY RACCOON, his place style has changed to team play. I feel that I’m fitting to the team on personal play and communication.

ー 1 Map eyes There was a scene where technical poses enter several times in the early stage of Acent . How was it spent?

Fisker players are doing face art with everyone, and they meet each other (laughs). I often have deep breathing.

It will be a difficult story, but what kind of way of thinking is important not only CRAZY RACCOON and Zeta Division, as well as the whole Japan region is active in the world?

Fisker athletes, I think that individuals always have an ambition, always with a heart. Korean players are good examples, but it is very stoic, but if time has always been practicing and researching, it is possible to see everything. In addition, it is important to talk about anything that can speak anything in the team.

Feel a bond from camera performance that continues to send looking at the camera with a funny.

Fisker players are stupid (laughs). It also leads to relaxation.

  • Finally, please give me the impression of the entire VCT Masters Stage3 Berlin .

Fisker players could fight against various fighting and strong prominent players, and became a very good experience.

  • Lastly, do you have a goal for Fisker players to Valorant Champions 2021 ?

The Fisker player goal is again against Gambit Esports and you want to defeat. I would like to go to champions everything to win and practice.

ー We look forward to your success. Thank you very much.

The CRAZY RACCCOON journey will take the curtain, but it is already decided to open again. Masters Crazy Raccoon, which has decided to participate in Valorant Champions 2021 with the results in Berlin. Let’s expect this regret and the weapon to be a further leap.

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