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Destiny 2 books more and more players, although no big extension was published. What could be lying and whether smaller changes may have greater impact, you will learn here at Meinmmo.

Steam has more and more players on Destiny 2, although the Witch Queen extension is still months away. A long season is still at the moment, yet it does not matter to the Sci-Fi Shooter that 2021 fails the traditional autumn expansion. Because, as can be found in Steam Charts, more and more players come:

In the last 30 days, the average number of players on steam have grown by 48.05%.
With 84,843.8 players on average, Destiny 2 has reached the highest player stand since November 2020 on Steam.

What drives players now to Destiny 2? Bungie provided with the new Season of Lost for all-encompassing innovations as far as system and ingame content is concerned. Thus, not only a lot of NPCs were revised in their ranking system, but also changes in the Transmog system and new content, such as the new armor and weapons from the iron banner.

The biggest change that most guards expect everywhere were the trials changes. The hardcore PVP mode, which was hit by many tryharders and sweats, is currently a thing of the past. Bungie caused a great effect with many smaller changes and turned the nightmare of each PVP player into an accessible platform for equal fighting.

Matches are played in the trials as ever before in Destiny 2

The Trials of Osiris were at the start at the weekend. The tests came with some changes that could really be sighted. That caused a veritable boom to players at the weekend. Never have so many matches in the trails were played as this weekend. This confirms the STAT tracking page Trails Report with this Twitter Post:

For this, smaller changes are responsible, the bungie has initiated in Season 15. These changes have a great effect on the further course of the trails how to see at the numbers.

What was changed?

Anti-Cheat Engine has been implemented
Matchmaking has been adjusted
Passport was adjusted
Looty system was beaded by the annoying coins to the better ranking system
Solo Guardians and Guardian Duos can compete against teams or other solo players

All players can now sweat: In trails it was common to compete with a team of three keepers against other 3-team teams. There was never a mediocrity. Neither in Destiny 1 nor in Destiny 2 were able to compete for single or duo players against other mini groups, it always went against full of three teams.

Bungie now provided with the changes for an accessible mode. Now solo or duo players who are well in the PVP can lock themselves into the match-making and can be mated with randoms.

This ensures an accessible atmosphere because no player is excluded thanks to prescribed dogmen. Nevertheless, there is a risk that one is shaved by a well-rehearsed Schwitzer team from three guards, but thanks to the new match-making, value is placed on the same performance.

Thus, no fear – you will throw you with the keepers in a match that you could withhold.

It rains Loot: Bungie also revised the Loot system in the trails. By completed matches, you now get attributed as in the melting pot or in the vanguard, points attributed. These vary by victory or defeat. After playing matches, you rises in the saint’s rank and can thus scare matching trails rewards in its reward branch.

But you also get the opportunity to get testing engrams after achieving ranking. These can then be expensive to focus on the sacred for legendary fragments and mica at your desired item. Rahool The Kryptarch in the tower would be the more favorable variant, but there you only get random trails items.

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Trails could now develop into positive thanks to these changes. Many players can now play a flawless ticket if they have patience to stay tuned. Through such changes as in the case of tests, bungie ensures a positive environment in which each player can have fun without being kept from hardcore sweats in the ground and floor.

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What do you think about this through such changes Destiny 2 get more growth? Do you find these changes well? Let us know in the comments.

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