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Japan-Time September 10 (Fri) from September 20 (Monday), Germany, Most of Monday, Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters-Berlin .

More than 2200 teams worldwide teams aim to participate, and it is a tournament that has a hot battle with 16 teams chosen in it. The winning team of the present tournament is Masters Berlin’s winning trophy, with the World Tournament Valorant Champions 2021 to earn interest. It should be noted that in this tournament, from Japan regional professional gaming team ZETA DIVISION , 2 teams of Crazy Raccoon are participating.

This Game Spark editing unit immediately after the Brazilian representative Keyd Stars game end, we conducted an exclusive interview to crow player is a player of ZETA DIVISION. The difference between the world of giants and will deliver the contents asked about the future of the goal!

The – thank you. First of all, it was the tournament cheers for good work. Please tell me now of candid impressions.

crow players is really a shame. I’ve been a study of opponents in preparation for the tournament, but the other side also have been firmly research that of us in the same way, had a strong impression that had not done that you want to do to the other party.

over over this meeting was the first international tournament for ZETA DIVISION. As one of Japan’s national team, what kind of feelings for you will either wanted in this tournament.

crow players anyway want to compete in the VALORANT Champions 2021 , it has been doing the best 4 that can reverse the point difference between the Crazy Raccoon the target. Conduct research and measures for each team, there was the confidence to win.

Looking back the over over this time of the tournament, was good point, please let us know the point was bad.

Because when the crow players in Japan and other regions such as North America and Europe easily scrim (practice match) is hard to do, including such as here of strategy and shootout, No their ability to outfit the other party do not know what-class but it is was greater was able to fight a lot and in other regions the top teams in Berlin. Of it it has been found that-class to some extent in terms of the shootout and the strategy has led to self-confidence. Is a reflection point of it did not appear in the results.

over over the other day, but the Japanese scene significantly different from the NA and the EU of meta Boaster players of Fnatic I had mentioned that, meta of difference is probably had a significant impact in the game UGA.

crow players in Europe and in Asia of meta There is a big difference in the configuration. In particular, since the configuration is quite different on the map, such as bind , there was a need to change the way to fight until now. Game in, or not-class is strategy, which has been accepted in the team opponent in the Asian region, I think that the other party was a point that was not cope with Japan’s meta.

Please not specifically tell us about the difference between meta had you listed in over over example bind .

That’s crow players in Europe, is Brimstone and Viper , Astra , such as the adoption of the 2 major feature of smoke configuration is strong. 2 smoke configuration is difficult very offensive and from here, a delay of even after the spike installed when the other side is coming attack, had struggled to pressure by the toxic screen in the Viper .

that you have directly experienced the difference of such meta through over over the competition is, Is there a recognition that would bring flexibility in the future of the strategy?

crow players It has definitely. Themselves fight width, I think obtained some fight experience to the configuration that are not to the Japanese fashion.

over over talk is of change, but says that this time the tournament is more of about 15 million people in the country are watching. As one of the top teams, are there any such difference of impression as compared with the up to now climax of the domestic scene in the current VALORANT .

I have very feel the crow players climax. It has received a message of support in the SNS not only the number of viewers has become encouraging.

Based on the over over of this result, please tell us about your future goals.

crow I players missed at this time of the Masters, but a ticket to the world tournament to win because there remains a way to be out on the Champions If winning the international tournament Last Chance Qualifier which will be held in October I want to grasp.

over over First of all, it is that toward VALORANT Champions 2021 played. Do you have any specific goals as the crow individual player?

As the crow individual player a better understanding of the game I would like to be polished physical plane.

I think that personally felt issues through over over the competition?

It will crow players personal story, but not good is my performance from the play off of Stage3, had set a target and will Shiageyo up to this time. Consent is not, but felt it or not is a minimum of rebuilding. Such as a simple shootout of strength also continued to this future, we would like a more polished the physical plane.

over over I see, thank you. Similarly Crazy Raccoon, including that competed in this tournament, this time of experience do you think come to influence how the future of the domestic scene?

crow players ZETA DIVISION is, as has been the top teams and the scrim overseas, Crazy Raccoon also would have the same kind of experience. She then you feel that varies the team of meta from back to Japan, the more the team to their own and the scrim got such a experience, the level of domestic scene is I think going up.

it will be over over last, but thank you for comment towards a fan of Japanese VALORANT scene.

crow players First of all, Thank you everyone of fans who to cheer. It as a result I have become things not good, not convinced as their own, is a situation that is not satisfied. But, large experience gained through this time of the tournament, which will lead to future growth since it is possible to bring back to Japan. Continue, support thank you.

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately ZETA DIVISION but has become the group stage Eliminated, Japan another team Crazy Raccoon that competed in this tournament as a representative, the Brazilian representative Haven Liberty against the victory, VALORANT the first ever in Japan scene It has achieved the international game first victory to be.

Gambit Esports game multiplied by the play-off appearances of Crazy Raccoon is scheduled distribution in the Japanese in Japan time September 17 (gold) official Twitch channel than am 1, YouTube channel.

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