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After a large amount of server inactivity time, fortnite chapter 2 season 8 is here, and it seems very exciting for fans. The theme of season 8 is Cubicada , and continues just where the event of season finished 7. After the accident of the nodriza ship, the sensitive cubes that driven it are free and players must work to prevent the island from corrupting. The cubes have opened portals to a new area called Sideways, which will appear around the map. These lateral abnormalities bring new challenges and enemies, and also some new benefits.

Upon entering a lateral anomaly, players will meet Cube Monsters, who will continue to arrive. To make things worse, gravity is low and air is hostile for construction . However, when sending CUBE Monsters, the player will get sideways weapons, which can also be used outside the anomaly, and Cube Monster Parts, which can be used to create additional sideways weapons. The lateral rifle and the lateral machine gun causes additional damage «by accelerating them to your superpowerful state», which should make them attractive as new weapons.

In addition to these lateral abnormalities, players will find that a certain point of interest has become a lateral zone in each game. The lateral areas are different from the anomalies. Monsters do not attack groups, and players can find these sideways weapons as a booty. This season will also see some return weapons: the harpoon gun and the automatic sniper rifle.

This season is being treated as a war effort against cubes, and players can influence the map in those efforts. You can find construction sites around the map, and players can donate bars where Turret STATIONS can be built. The forced landing site of the map nodriza of the map is also where players can find antigravitatorial tunnels and shade stones. The latter transforms players into a appearance similar to a shadow . Shadow floppers can also be found on the lake, suggesting that fish could also have discovered these Shadow Stones.

Finally, but not least, players will receive a perforated card full of missions to help. Group missions can also be found by talking to the NPC, and all players who participate will receive bars. In general, it seems that this season should have a lot so that the players enjoy!

Are you excited about fortnite ‘s new season? Which of these changes excite you more? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games.

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